Why can't I make or receive calls on my Motorola Moto G4 with Jio SIM?

I was gifted with MOTO G4 32gb (unlocked) single sim phone from USA. I succeeded in calling with IDEA sim but now with JIO sim. Then it was set to factory reset settings. Later the phone not able to make a call or receive with any sim. It always show while trying to call ‘CALL ENDED’.  I would like to know whether it is the problem of unlock or  any other software problem. But internet is ok. I can call whatsapp audio or video call and messaging. Please help.

Are you pertaining to other carrier SIMs?

I tried other sims too. But the problem remain same.

Looks like Jio SIM is not compatible with the phone. After trying Jio SIM, have you tried using the Idea SIM again?

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