What to do when half of screen on HTC Bolt went black?

Today while at work my phone was fine all night but I went to turn it on towards the end of the night, half the screen was black. I can't see that part of it, it's literally cut in half right down the middle to the edge of the right side going portrait-ways. I can still touch that side and select apps or type letters in that are on that side but can't see it at all. It's all black. I just got this damn phone on nov. 28th of last year (2016) so this is ridiculous that it's already fucking up. I've factory reset it TWICE and both times it stayed half lit even through the factory resetting screens and the restarting process!! After the first time it did temporarily become whole for a moment after I made a call but went back to being half lit quickly after. It doesn't flicker and i haven't seen it go from fully lit to half while on, it only happens after I push the power button to activate sleep meaning that's the transition. It isn't when its active only when it goes from awake to sleep. Although I could be wrong and it could have went half lit while I was holding it and looked away for a moment. Either way, this is a problem and I don't know what to do. I don't know what the warranty is on this phone, I am paying it off in installments for credit building purposes and have only gotten one bill so far since its so new. I didn't get the $13 insurance because I didn't expect the phone to fuck up literally a month after owning it. What is the sprint/htc policy with device malfunctions not caused by the buyer? And this phone is water resistant and Dust proof supposed to be quite durable and shockproof and I haven't dropped it more than a couple times and not from very far off the ground, and it hasn't been submerged in water. It has an ip53 rating. What do I do????

I had the same problem, exact, bought on the same day as well. I hope once replaced, the problem won't recur on the new one. As for what to do about replacement, you can still add the sprint $13 or whatever warranty now, wait about a day and visit your local sprint repair and service center. Not all sprint stores are repair centers. They'll look at your phone, as any genius would do they'll say they can't fix it  have a replacement sent to your home. That's the quickest method. HTC does have a 1 year manufacturer warranty that you can claim on their website but that'll take longer since you first send your phone to them, and then they'll send 1 back to you. I know, both options suck, major. But that's what we are staring at. At some point someone smart at XDA will figure it out but since phones are kinda important, I can't do that. Hope that helps a little bit, good luck.  I won't buy another HTC phone again.

we have the same issue. sprint replaced the phone with a new one afew weeks ago and this morning the new one glitched too!!! this phone is pissing me off. 

Mine just did the same thing! I tapped the screen really hard with my index finger, and then the full screen reappeared... but it keeps doing it intermittently and its really annoying... 

Mine happened after I had the phone for 18 days so I was outside Sprint's 14 day replacement period, sent it to HTC am still waiting on them to fix it. First and last time I've ever gotten an HTC...  

**UPDATE** contacted Sprint tech support in Oklahoma City, I let them know what my issue was and that I'm on my second Bolt... long story short without any hassle they're mailing me out a new one. Now that's service!!

Absolute garbage of a phone and on top of it all, the 600$ I paid for, shows ads non stop. These are not even Android phones. HTC should go under for this bullshit. I want to run the OS that bought to use my phone. Not a phone full of bloatware and bugs that render the phone useless.

Not convinced that the bolt is quite ready for prime time.   If I keep my phone in my pocket, the screen goes black.  Then after a few minutes, it goes half screen along the long axis.   Eventually, after sitting on a table for an hour, the whole screen will come back.  

It is also worth noting that I received an update the other day, and just above the square button, the phone screen was so hot that the screen went to a black spot -- then a few minutes later, it was back to normal.    

The bolt does not appear to be quite ready for prime time...   

Just happened to me this morning. Was working fine when I woke up, went to work, boom, turn screen on, black screen on right side. Got this phone after Thanksgiving, never dropped, never exposed to water, taken excellent care of. This is the first issue I've had with an HTC product, not happy.

Had the same problem. Got first phone end of November. Sprint replace twice and now says go to HTC. 

I'm on my 2nd one in less than a month. The first one lasted less than a week and the 2nd one lasted for just over 2 weeks. Went to Sprint last night and they said it is a known issue, but can't let me replace it with a different phone, so basically I'm going to have to replace my phone every 2 weeks untill someone in corporate says we can get different phones.

Same problem here. If Sprint doesn't do the right thing soon, they will lose this customer. I couldn't get them to give me a replacement. So my old phone (m8) is what I have till my phone comes back from htc. Sucks to be paying for something you don't have and can't use.

Same here, first one lasted 1 week and the second lasted 33 days which is past the 14 day in store replacement period at Sprint. Attempting to get a hold of HTC to see whats next.

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