How to delete contacts in Lenovo A5000?

1. Check where the contact is stored, either sim 1 or sim 2.

2. If on sim 1, Go to Sim 1 Tool kit, then mySIM, select Phonebook+, Contacts.

3. Choices that you will see will be Add Contact and Search Contact

4. Select "Search Contact".

5. Then you will type the name you want to delete. Click OK.

6. Choices will shown , "Phonebk+1*, Phonebk+2, Phonebk+3, All.

7. Select "All"

8. Then the name you type will appear. Click it.

9. Upon Clicking the name aned phone number will be shown.

10. Click again the name, then choices will appear, "Call, Edit, Copy, Delete.

11. Click "Delete".

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