What should I do if the battery will not charge, and my BLU Vivo 5 has died?

I have owned this phone for a little over 7 months, and it has performed wonderfully up until last night, when my phone's battery died and refused to charge. I have attempted numerous common fixes (cleaning lint from charger ports, trying different wall outlets and charging it off of a computer/portable charger), however the problem persists. When I attempt to boot up the device, the screen shows me the typical low battery notification before going dark again, and when I plug in the phone, it vibrates to tell me it is charging, however after 8+ hours of continuous "charging," its condition has not changed. As a side note, when plugged in, holding down the power button yields no response whatsoever. Some answers, or where to find them, would be greatly appreciated.

I was having the same issue some months ago and I tried with another charger and it did not work, so I went and got it fixed, but now, less than two months later I'm having the same issue. My charger had become extremely slow and I used it while it was charging, the thing is my phone turned off and now it won't react. As I had changed the port or however it is called (the place where you plug it in) one month ago I doubted it was that so I said, well I'll buy a new charger. The thing is I did, I checked it was USB-C and everything, but my phone still won't charge. Should I take it to get fixed again? I really don't want to have to spend the money when I just did a month ago.

I literally had the same exact problem as the OP.

just went to Fry's Electronics and got a new type c charge. and now its charging.

Yeah, I was to ask you if you have tried using a different charger. Be careful with using other than OEM USB-type C. I read some caused trouble on their phones.

I solved my own question. The factory-issue charging cable that came with my BLU Vivo 5 had given out. I tested out a third-party USB-C cable and within 30 seconds my phone was able to be booted up again. If anyone is experiencing a similar problem, I highly recommend going to your local electronics store and asking to try out one of the USB-C charging cables before buying it to see if that is the source of the issue.

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