Why is my Huawei Honor 9 so slow to charge?

when trying to charge my UK Honor9, it takes ages, sometimes not charging at all. the adapter and cable (usb3) are fine as they work properly on another phone

also, i asked Huawei several weeks ago when android 8 would be available for this phone. i was told it was being tested. it still isn't available and android 9 will be released in the not too distant future. what is going on?

How's the charging now? This might sound funny to you but may be it's just psychological that you think it's charging slower? Do you have any battery apps installed since the 1st day you used the phone, maybe it has records of your charging performance.

gonna test for a day or two to see if the charging speed improves. not confident, though

many tnx for reply, Carl P

no, i'm using a type c cable with a usb 3 plug. everything works as it should when charging another phone, taking hardly any time at all to recharge it.

as for the update, i actually received that just a couple of days after posting the original question. Sod's law, i guess! that seems to have made a big difference to several functions of the Honor 9, although, i must say, it still doesn't charge as fast as i think it should or as fast as the other phone i use

Hi Eustace. Are you still using the original set of charger? If you aren't, it may not be fast charge compatible. With regards to update, it should be coming soon since other countries are getting it.

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