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4.5/5 stars (144 votes)
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4.5/5 stars (8,046 votes)

Reviews (9.1/10 Avg. rating)

Android Guys

Gorgeous downhill slopes for days

from Android Guys
Alto’s Adventure is a Triple A title in everything but price. It implements true free-to-play gameplay with premium graphics and gameplay... Full review

Worth your money for the visual experience

from Cnet

Alto's Adventure is not a new gaming concept, but a reimagining of other games we've seen before. The closest comparison from the endless runner genre is Ski Safari, but Alto's Adventure's strength is in the way it presents the content. In other words, when you're gliding through a dark, moonlit forest at night, the graphical style is undeniably the star of this game.

It's true that those who want a richer experience with more items, gadgets and power-ups should probably stick with the tried and true Ski Safari. But for a unique gaming experience that will wow you with stunning v... Full review

What's On Iphone

Visual poetry

from What's On Iphone

There’s a lot to be said about such a beautiful game as Alto’s Adventure. Some say it is just a Ski Safari clone. Some say it is repetitive, some say games like this are dime a dozen. I say bullsh*t. Alto’s Adventure would be an awesome game even if only because there are llamas in it. As for the other criticisms, I’ll tackle them below.

In Alto’s Adventure your goal is to constantly snowboard among never-ending slopes among an awesome scenery. Jumping over rocks, executing backflips, escaping enraged village elders, all make Alto’s Adventure a... Full review


A beautiful and highly enjoyable Endless Runner

from 148Apps

Playing Alto’s Adventure is a matter of tapping at the right moment to jump or holding in order to perform a trick. Tricks are fairly basic but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to perform – certainly not when dealing with the first character early on. It’s satisfying to perform some combos by stringing together moves and grinding from bunting to bunting, but don’t expect to perform wonders right away.

The real magic unlocks with a new character after you’ve completed a sufficient number of missions, which is going to take you some time. Alo... Full review


A new game that rivals Monument Valley in its beauty

from Wired

Alto’s Adventure is a close aesthetic relative to Ustwo’s Monument Valley, and though Cash says he’s a huge fan, that is a coincidence. “I think what happened is that the super talented guys at Ustwo were probably thinking similar things to us,” Cash says. “They were sick of all the typical looking and feeling mobile games.” The emphasis on feeling is important. The details in Alto’s Adventure—the plumes of snow after you hit the ground, the creaking of the windmills—are there to create an atmosphere. They make you want to ditch yo... Full review

iPad Insight

Compelling but uncomplicated gameplay, beautiful graphics

from iPad Insight
As you would expect of a high-quality game like this, the graphics and sound were flawless over the hours that I played: I got not one stutter, hiccup, or crash. Also as befits a game of this quality, there are no in-app purchases to annoy you, distract from the next slide down the mountain, or to drain your wallet. You can find Alto’s Adventure in the new “Pay once and play” section of the App store. (And kudos to Apple for giving these games a spotlight.).. Full review

Amazing visual design

from TrustedReviews
A solid, stable endless runner, Alto's Adventure doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, but its slick and sleek run on the snow benefits from bonuses designed to keep you engaged and a day and night progression that helps to ensure each play is different to the last... Full review

Simple but addictive gameplay

from GSMArena
Alto’s Adventure is a memorable experience, with its addictive gameplay and beautiful visuals and sounds. It’s simple and minimalist, but therein lies its charm. There is something quite affable about this game, and you need to play it to experience that... Full review

Offers a zen-like sense of satisfaction

from TechCrunch

Alto’s Adventure represents the latest in a spate of recent releases that suggest there’s a healthy and growing appetite for premium mobile gaming experiences that don’t also require a perpetual IAP commitment on the part of players to enjoy. Cash says he’s not quite sure what’s coming next from the company, and though they’ve received lots of requests to bring Alto’s Adventure to other platforms, he’s not making any promises about specific future launches quite yet.

For now, you’ll have to either own or borrow an iPad or iPho... Full review


Shares a lot of basic tenets with a lot of other endless runners

from TouchArcade

I imagine most folks will fall into two camps when it comes to Alto’s Adventure. The first will appreciate the sheer amount of artistic integrity and nuanced visual effects that the title employs and will play it just to experience those aspects. The second will largely ignore those aspects and see the game as yet another side-scrolling endless runner with pretty standard mechanics. Admittedly, if the production values and art style aren’t your thing, I can kind of understand some players looking past Alto’s Adventure. Personally though, I think those aspects are what elev... Full review

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