Specs summary


The HTC One A9's screen is 5 inches with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution.


There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Octa core 1.5 GHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system (OS).

13+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 13+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera with 4+ megapixels resolution.
32 GB

Internal memory is 32 GB. An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, microSDXC (up to 2000 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 2150 mAh battery. HTC's performance ratings are 18 days standby time, 960 minutes (3G), 540 minutes Wi-Fi surfing.

The HTC One A9 is a good-looking Android phone for Sprint users who value a compact form factor, but its camera isn't up to snuff.

- Ajay Kumar , PC Magazine 

The HTC One A9 offers a smooth Android experience in a portable form factor, but its familiar design makes it look like an iPhone ripoff.

- Michael Fisher , Pocketnow 

Reviews summary

Based on 40 reviews

What's good  

  • Premium build and design
  • Good low light pictures
  • Screen has good color reproduction and sharpness

What's bad  

  • Poor battery life
  • Lag and stutters during current-gen games and when opening some apps
  • Slippery grip
  • Copycat design

The HTC One A9 made waves not because of its price point, but because of its design. Reviewers and consumers alike note the design similarities between the A9 and the iPhone 6S. Both feature a brushed aluminum back, inset lines on the top and bottom and even a home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Upon closer inspection, however, they did notice some subtle differences: it is slightly larger than the 6S at 5 inches, the edges are a bit squarer, and the camera is located in the center instead of the side. Regardless of whether HTC purposely cloned the iPhone or not, critics still agree the A9 is an attractive device. The one downfall of the design is its grip. Due to the flat back and metal body, experts had a difficult time with the grip describing it as one of the slipperiest phones they've used.

The 5-inch AMOLED display offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Experts didn't have any issues with it, but nothing particularly wowed them either. Despite not having QHD resolution, they had no problems with the overall sharpness and clarity of the display. On top of this, they add color reproduction was fairly accurate and unlike many AMOLED screens there wasn't any noticeable oversaturation. They describe sunlight legibility as decent though they add auto brightness mode could use a little work. Tech Radar sums up the display by saying, "It's not the best out there, but the upper limit of what we'd be happy to accept."

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The A9 comes with a 1.5GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. For the most part, this combination allowed reviewers to have a fairly zippy experience during most tasks. With that said they did run into some lag most noticeably when playing graphics-intensive game and when launching certain apps like the camera. Battery life is another issue, due to its small size of 2150mAh. Critics needed to charge it daily even with moderate use. The A9 comes in two flavors – 16GB or 32GB. While this might seem small, Android Marshmallow now allows external storage to be used as internal space, which means users have as much space available on their microSD card.

The 13MP main shooter for the A9 offers several features, most notably optical image stabilization. For the most part, reviewers describe its performance as decent but still not on par with the cameras on iPhone or Samsung phones. Still, their photos came out fairly sharp with colors skewing a bit towards the warm end. While they describe daytime photos as simply okay, they were more than impressed with low light images. Thanks to optical image stabilization technology, they were able to capture fairly detailed and sharp pictures.

Despite its positive qualities, reviewers have a difficult time recommending the A9 to anyone but HTC fans. Techno Buffalo states, "For someone who just needs a new Android smartphone? There are better options out there in the same price range." Gizmodo adds, "…do you desperately want an iPhone form factor with the versatility of an Android phone? Then yes, you should buy it…For most people, springing for iOS or…Nexus 6P will be the better option."

Reviews (7.4/10 Avg. rating)


An average phone with a premium price tag

from tech2
It’s inconceivable to spend this much on the A9 unless you’re a die-hard HTC fan who doesn’t mind a sub-par iPhone clone. The phone isn’t bad and at half the price, we just might recommend it... Full review
Canadian Reviewer

Solid and capable device, one that won't disappoint

from Canadian Reviewer
The HTC One A9 is a solid and capable device, one that won't disappoint in terms of performance or functionality and which offers a truly different Android experience in a 5-inch smartphone. The design and execution showcases HTC's expertise in creating high quality devices even if the look and general feel is derivative of Apple's current batch of iPhones... Full review

Shows ambition but falls short

from Reviewed
I went into this review not expecting a whole lot from the HTC One A9; its "me-too" design and midrange specs just don't live up to the its "low cost flagship" ambitions. Although it proves to be a perfectly acceptable phone in most ways, the A9 doesn't have the chops to justify its high price tag... Full review
Fone Arena

Brilliant display, solid build quality, but slightly priced on the higher side

from Fone Arena
The One A9 is definitely a bit costly compared to other smartphones in the range for the features it offers. The AMOLED display is brilliant, the phone has a solid build and also has a microSD expansion slot, but the battery life is not impressive. Even though the camera is good and has RAW support, the processor limits it from recording 4K videos. HTC could have gone with Snapdragon 808 processor to compete with the Moto X Style that also offers dual SIM support at the same price... Full review

More than an iPhone clone

from Brighthand
It’s an iPhone clone, looking purely at the design, and it has a mid-range spec sheet. However, its top notch display make the HTC One A9 a better option than what the company has put out in years past. In fact, this is one of the best mid-range options, even though the battery and camera are a step below the best on the market... Full review
Sunday Express

Easily the most frustrating smartphone we’ve ever tested

from Sunday Express
Ultimately, the HTC One A9 is a really good smartphone. It looks smart, it's fast enough to handle your daily dose of social media, video, photos and packs all the latest Android Marshmallow tricks and features out of the box. However there is simply no justification for its ludicrous UK price tag. HTC are up against some stiff competition from cheaper phones including the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and One Plus 2. But the biggest problem for this iPhone wannabe is that you can buy Apple's superior smartphone at a lower price... Full review

Nice, crisp display, with smooth UI

from Digit
The HTC One A9 is a phone that just works, but its price tag is too high to recommend it. It still lacks in the camera department and it's definitely not a phone for mobile gamers... Full review
PC Magazine

Premium build, well-sized for one-handed use

from PC Magazine
The HTC One A9 is an attractive phone, and sized perfectly for single-handed use. Unfortunately, its camera disappoints, and its price is a bit too high given its relatively midrange specs. The Samsung Galaxy S6 earns its higher price with a faster processor and a much better camera, and remains our top Android pick for Sprint customers... Full review
Beta News

Compelling choice

from Beta News
Wrapping up, the HTC One A9 is one of the oddest smartphones to come across my reviews desk. By the raw specs, the device is overpriced compared to, say, Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus 5X or 6P. But as a measure of combined benefits, particularly for anyone wanting an Android iPhone, the A9 is a compelling choice. Is it right for you? You tell me... Full review
Phone Scoop

Offers plenty to like in a well-made package

from Phone Scoop

The One A9 falls into an emerging category in today's mix of smartphones. It wants to be a flagship smartphone, but it doesn't quite have the specs to earn that moniker. Instead, it exists as an affordable flagship: a phone that features premium design and build quality with components that are high-end, but not quite cutting-edge.

In this class — which includes phones like the Nexus 6P and Moto X Pure Edition — the One A9 competes well. All three of these phones cost $499, a bit less than the $650 commanded by flagships. I find the One A9 to be a great phone for eve... Full review

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