If you are one of the beautiful people who own a Droid X, you are already experiencing life in the rarefied air of enlightened living. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But as you walk apart from the common man who still has to actually type his texts and pay for tethering, don't think your journey of enlightenment is complete.

Here are five ways to further enhance your sanctimonious existence and live permanently beyond the unwashed:

otterbox-commuter-series-protective-case-for-the-motorola-droid_pdi1. The cost of replacing a Droid X is considerably more than the subsidized price you already paid. So protect it with a case from Otterbox.com. Otterbox has earned a reputation for engineering cell phone cases that are crazy protective and fashionable. The Defender Series Case for the Motorola Droid X is no exception. The Defender Series case offers three layers of protection: clear protective membrane, polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin. Priced at $49.95 and available in any color as long as its black, this is the kind of case you'll want wrapped around your expensive phone.

Droid X Cradle2. Droid X owners know that sometimes a 4.3 inch screen simply won't do. They want to share what they see on their phone with friends. That's where the the Motorola Multimedia Docking Station for the Droid X comes in. The docking station charges your Droid while displaying a customizable dock screen that, for example, provides the time and weather. Best of all, you can connect the cradle/phone to your television via an HDMI cradle and show YouTube videos, photos and much more.

Blueant S43. As a Droid X owner, you don't stop being superior just because you have to drive in your car. The BlueAnt S4 hands-free car speakerphone can enhance your ego whenever you're mobile. The S4 is virtually hands-free due to its voice trigger system. It also integrates Bing-411 and Vlingo to enhance hands-free interaction. Imagine having caller ID information read to you when a call comes in, or having the S4 tell you where the next gas station is, all without having to touch the device or take your eyes off the road.

pdanet4. You don't need no stinking Wi-Fi! Create your own hot-spot for free anywhere your carrier provides service, using PdaNet. PdaNet is a powerful app that allows you to connect to the internet using your Droid X's carrier network, without incurring additional charges. To non-Droid X owners this must sound so remarkable.

Jet-Car-Stunts-3-300x1805. After a day of being superior in so many ways to so many people, its time for a break, and a little fun. Jet Car Stunts is one of the most visually stunning games available at the Android Market. Available in a free and paid version, Jet Car Stunts maximizes your phones accelerometer, screen resolution and processing power to bring you a truly fun game you want to play often.

Well Droid X users, if you thought you were 2.0 and all that before, arm your bad self with these items and your ego will be 4G in no time.