Whether you listen on your work commute, stream podcasts at the gym or use them as a relaxing end to your day, podcasts are a great way to catch up on news, learn a new skill or hear from your favorite celebrities.

With the sheer number of podcasts out there, keeping track of your favorites or discovering new options can be difficult. Fortunately, Android offers some outstanding podcast apps to help you out.

When choosing the best apps, we considered the overall selection of podcasts, ease of use and advanced features--such as playback speed adjustment, importing playlists and cloud synchronization.

So which podcast app for Android is the best? Let’s check out the options!

Pocket Casts Editor's Pick

While it’s not free, the simple interface and advanced features make this one of the most versatile podcast apps available.

Features include playback speed adjustment, automatic silence trimming, automatic downloading, a podcast discovery tab and support for video podcasts.

Tack on the fact that it will sync with a web-based version of Pocketcasts and between other iOS and Android devices and you have an app that puts your podcasts anywhere you want to listen to them.

The app pulls its list of podcasts from the iTunes database to ensure a full selection of listening options. Should your favourite podcast not be listed there, importing is simple using RSS or OPML.

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Player FM

As one of the newer apps on the podcast scene, Player FM is making some waves with it’s free pricing and a feature set that rivals some of the best paid apps out there.

Features include playback speed adjustment, noise filtering, silence detection and offline playback.

Where the app really shines is podcast discovery. You’ll find more than 500 topics filled with suggestions on what to listen to next. There’s also the ability to search for podcasts similar to one you already love.

All of this is presented in a simple, Material Design interface that will have you up and running in no time!

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DoggCatcher Podcast Player

As one of the first podcast apps on Google Play, Doggcatcher manages to stay updated and relevant while sticking to the straight-forward interface that made it popular.

It’s maturity as an app means it has one of the most active support communities around and is updated frequently to include new features.

Doggcatcher supports Chromecasts, playback speed adjustment and offline playback. If you’re looking for an app to enjoy podcasts on your daily commute, it’s one of the first apps to integrate Android Auto support as well.

Where the app really shines is it’s tablet interface. Instead of simply expanding the layout, it offers a refined experience great for digging deep into some of the more advanced organization and discovery features included in the app.

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Podcast and Radio Addict

Where other apps focus purely on podcasts, Podcast and Radio Addict combines streaming of all types to create a central hub for audio on your Android device.

You’ll find support for live streaming radio stations, audiobooks and YouTube as well as a powerful podcast manager. Features include playback speed adjustment, silence elimination and auto-downloading of new episodes.

There’s a free option available if you don’t mind a small banner ad at the bottom of your screen. If you’d prefer, you can donate to remove the ads.

While relatively new to Google Play, this app will one to keep an eye on as it grows. The main reason it wasn’t the top pick for this list is it’s size and memory requirements. All of those extra features come at the cost of storage space and resources.

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Stitcher Radio

Stitcher takes a different approach to podcasts than other apps on this list. That likely means you’ll either love it or hate it.

You create virtual stations or categories and fill them with your favorite podcasts. You can also add RSS feeds from other news sources with audio and video.

Once you’re done, hit play and it will weave your podcasts together to recreate the classic AM talk radio experience. You can even set it to create breaks for the latest news or other information between show episodes.

It supports most major podcast features, including playback speed adjustment and offline playback, as well as full support for both Chromecast and Android Auto.

If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy podcasts without having to constantly queue the next episode, Stitcher Radio is an interesting take on the concept.

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Combining value, design and ease of use, PocketCast is the hands-down winner for this list. While it’s not free, the small price tag offers access to polished experience that will have you digging into your podcasts in no time at all.

Top it all off with synchronizing across multiple devices and web access and you have the perfect tool for consuming your favourite podcasts whenever and however you want.

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