Are you a proud and defiant Blackberry owner? Do you smirk when mere mortals attempt a cell phone task in 12 clicks that you can do in two? Do you secretly believe you're Batman? Okay, that last one is a bit personal and inappropriate for this topic, but you get the idea.

Recently a customer came into my friend's cell phone store complaining about how much time it takes him to delete messages. He said he wished there were some way to delete more than one message at a time on his Blackberry.

This poor customer honestly did not know how to do a simple global delete, and instead was spending a tremendous amount of time deleting messages individually.

That got me to thinking that a list of tips and tricks for Blackberry owners might be a good idea. So here goes...

1. You need a good email viewer
Unfortunately, for all the wonderful things a Blackberry can do, it simply does not render emails in a manner where a citizen from Earth can easily read them. There are many simple ways to fix this and they all come down to buying an email viewer.

I use a product called BBSmart, which has a one-time cost of $19.99 and is worth every penny. BBSmart, and the others, all automatically convert your emails into easily readable text. Just as important, they provide you with many customization options. You can change the text font and size, the background color, the amount of information displayed in the header, whether or not you want to view pictures, and many other options.

An email viewer will greatly enhance your Blackberry experience, and you can find a good selection and reasonable pricing at

2. Get the latest news at your fingertips
As a busy, important person, you want news you can use and you want it at your fingertips.Am I right? The answer is a product called Viigo, which is a super easy and fun RSS reader that you can access with a single click once it's installed on your device. Viigo starts you off with plenty of feeds, but you can change and delete them at will. Go to Viigo to get yours today.

3. Speed up your text and email input
A great way to create texts and emails quickly is to use a terrific new voice recognition program called Vlingo. With Vlingo, you can creat a text message, an email, conduct an internet search, all by just speaking into your phone. Vlingo is easy and accurate, unlike many voice recognition programs, and will save you a ton of time. And it is free. Go to Vlingo to download your copy today.

4. Unfreeze a frozen BlackBerry
Sometimes Blackberries can lock up on you. You might think your phone is broken, but more times than not it's simply frozen. A simple fix is to power down your device, take the battery out for about ten seconds, and then pop it back in. The device will go through a reboot process and will work just fine.

5. Create folders for icons you don't use every day
Instead of leaving all the icons on your main screen, clean it up by clicking on your menu button, select 'new folder', then 'move' all the icons you either don't use or don't use often into that new folder. Whola! you free up space for other cool icons.

6. Navigate more quickly
When reading texts and emails, the "2" and "8" buttons allow you to move up or down one line at a time without messing with the trackball. There are many ways to navigate more quickly and you should investigate further when you have time.

7. Maximize battery life
To maximize your Blackberry's battery life, take a moment to go into "options" and select "screen/keyboard". Scroll through and you will find various settings you can change by simply pressing the trackball and then scrolling to the option you want. Settings like 'Backlight Brightness', 'Backlight Timeout' and others will affect your battery, so play around to find what works best for you.


That's it for now. Till next time, Blackberries are way cooler than Blueberries!