Another great feature of BlackBerry smartphones is the ability to easily Copy/Paste a page address, or URL, so that you can share it with a friend. This is another one of those features that some folks believe is complicated, when in fact it’s really quite simple, and useful!


  1. 1

    Go to a website using your phone’s browser.

  2. 2

    Press the BlackBerry menu button and scroll down and select “Page Address”.

  3. 3

    You are now presented with three options: “OK”, “Copy Address”, and “Send Address”. Select “Copy Address”.

  4. 4

    You can now past the Page Address wherever you wish, including an email or text. Simply press the BlackBerry menu button and select “Paste” and you have just shared a URL and there was no pain at all.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once you copy a block of text or a page address, it will remain in a buffer until it is replaced with something else. Therefore, if you want to share a link to a great new website with a few friends, you can do so quickly after following the above steps only once. Use Step 4 in the body of a text or email over and over until you have shared your link with everyone you like.
  • This process can be made much easier still. Check out How To Set up Groups with your BlackBerry Smartphone.