If you enjoy surfing the internet with your BlackBerry smartphone, but don’t like having to type in a page address every time, bookmarks are a great solution. They save time and make the process of interacting with the internet faster and more enjoyable. A bookmark is simply a marker that tells your phone to remember an address because you frequent it often. Here are the steps to setting up a bookmark:


  1. 1

    Enter your browser and type the address of the site you wish to visit.

  2. 2

    Once at the site press the BlackBerry menu button again, select “Bookmark” and you are done.

  3. 3

    The next time you wish to visit that site again, go into your browser, press the BlackBerry menu button and you will see that your new list of “Bookmarks” will be listed below the URL address field. Choose a bookmarked site by highlighting it and off you go!

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