If you are a BlackBerry user and you have a Gmail email address, you may want to consider upgrading to Google’s Enhanced Gmail. The Enhanced Google Gmail plug-in provides a powerful new suite of features that allow you considerably more control over your email from your BlackBerry.

For example, say you wanted to revisit an email you sent. With the Enhanced Google Gmail plug-in, you can use the BlackBerry menu button to pull up “filter”, followed by a host of new options, one of which is “sent”. Select it and you can easily find the email you want to view.

enhanced gmail blackberry

Enhanced Google Gmail allows BlackBerry users access to more features that mimic regular Gmail and provides a true sense that you are more in charge of your email from your phone than ever before. It allows you far more robust features and functions from your smartphone, some of them will surprise you!

If you rely on your email, and if you spend time responding to personal and business contacts via email, the Enhanced Google Gmail plug-in is a free upgrade that will allow you more control, more options and more ways to retrieve and connect than ever before.


Having used the plug-in for several months, this writer can attest to the power and additional functionality first hand. It really does what it promises, and it provides much more control over my personal and business email than ever before.

I give a big thumbs UP to Google’s Enhanced Gmail and encourage all productivity geeks to check it out and see what they think.

You can download the plug-in free here.