BlackBerry’s are a little like foreign sports cars: high performance but sometimes quirky. Most problems that you encounter with your BlackBerry can be solved by simply pulling out the battery. Unlike simply turning off your phone, a battery pull removes the energy source from the device and causes it to reboot. This means your phone goes through a series of important protocols during start-up, clears out the temporary cache and possible conflicts and, more times than not, will solve your problem.


  1. 1

    Remove the battery.

  2. 2

    Wait 30 seconds.

  3. 3

    Re-insert the battery.

  4. 4

    Power on the BlackBerry. (The device will automatically begin the reboot process, which can take a few minutes. Don’t worry. It’s this very process that will, more times than not, solve your problem.)

Tips & Warnings

  • Whenever you remove the case, use this opportunity to blow some air in and around the exposed back of the phone; keeping this area free from dust and dirt is always a great idea.
  • When removing the battery, be as gentle as you can, as there are several small, fragile components under and around the battery compartment (especially the slot that protects your SIM card). Use your fingernail to get a firm hold of an edge of the battery, remove it, and wait 30 seconds before replacing it.