Hundreds of android phones have been released over the past few years in the market, but none of them has been so much awaited for, as Galaxy Nexus Android Smartphone. The fundamental reason for this was Google’s AK Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. It is virtually the first device that has come up with the latest and major Android updates, and it has officially been released to showcase Android 4.0 and its innovative features and applications.

As per the experts’ opinion, Ice Cream Sandwich is not only a classic but also much simplified and polished version of Android. With large and animated display, decent battery and a polished Android 4.0, this cell phone offers great experience. However, for people, who want to save money and enjoy Smartphone utilities together, this device is a great gift. In the following lines, there is a brief but highly useful set of suggestions to boost your experience with the latest Nexus handset.


Boosting the Experience with Reference to VoIP

There are lots of things that you can do, in general, to make your experience more joyful. The best thing that you can do is, download and install the additional optional applications, which may help you manage your life, business etc. One such example of optional apps is VoIP, the traditional voice over internet protocol service applications. By just installing VoIP apps on your smart device, you can avail regular VoIP services on your phone. The device offers a comprehensive range of VoIP apps which could enable VoIP calls on your device.

As everyone is aware of the fact, VoIP is a process, where you make regular calls by using your internet connections. Due to the growing popularity of Smartphone devices, almost every big VoIP provider is offering services for the smartphones. For Samsung Nexus, you can get a bulk of VoIP apps from Android market. Some of the most popular apps are Bria and Acrobit; however, you can select the one, which is compatible with the services of your provider.

By comparison and research, it has been proved that VoIP calls are far cheaper than that of cellular and landline. Hence, by using it on your device, you remain in charge of your budget control because you make regular calls using VoIP, which saves your precious credit and gives you joyful experience in a cost effective manner.

Many of us are unable to enjoy the devices only because of our inability to learn its control and management process. Nexus' 4.65-inch 720p display has a great number of applications, which may irk you in the beginning. Moreover, the bad news is that in the United States, its GSM version is not available yet.If you are not a tech savvy person, you may need to read the tutorials, reviews and guides to learn the device specifications and their usage.

How to Save Money?

People always love the areas, where they can have added benefits in a cost effective manner. In the case of smartphones, free apps provide the same opportunity to you, where anybody can download and use them. VoIP app is a good example of that, which enables any user to use his singed up VoIP services on the device.

The medium of activation is very easy, as you just need VoIP apps on your device and a signed up VoIP account if you have any. Moreover, if you do not have it, you can sign up for that by going to the official website of Vonage, Axvoice or Skype, and then download the preferred apps for that particular provider. Selection of the package should be made carefully, this may take a bit of your time and effort, but ultimately this will save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Editor’s note: The above article is a guest post by Derek Miller, a researcher and technology analyst at Axvoice. He keeps focus on the industry trends, VoIP industry, comparative analysis, and VoIP apps and writes on various dimensions of industry, its products and players.