In addition to hiding certain text messages, we all have those private shots and embarrassing photos we'd also like to hide away. 

The thing is that often times, we don’t want to delete those photos. They provide personal entertainment and great or not so great memories of some interesting times.

So what can we do with photos we don’t want to share and yet don’t want to lose?

Simple. We hide them.

Use Apps to Hide Photos

Fortunately for you, the modern smartphone is a treasure trove of apps. Some of these apps are dedicated to helping you keep those personal pictures away from prying eyes.

Let’s talk about some of the best apps people use to hide photos on their smartphone.

Hide it Pro / Audio Manager

Audio MangerOne of the highest rated apps in the Play Store is divided between a paid and a free app. Hide it Pro or Audio Manger by Anuj Tenani is an app that is within an app. Call it inception if you will, this app is actually a powerful Android data hiding utility hidden behind a fully functional Audio management app.

The beauty of this app is that they won’t suspect that you are even hiding something, since this app acts like a proper audio manager. Even if they manage to stumble upon its photo hiding back door, it is protected by powerful security locks of your choosing.

Hiding your photos is very simple. All you need to do is share the photos through the regular share button and share it to your Hide it Pro or Audio Manager app. It is a fluid and highly effective hiding application.

Price: Free / $3.99

Download: Hide it Pro / Audio Manager

KeepSafe Vault

KeepSafeAnother cool app is the KeepSafe Vault by KeepSafe. The beauty of the app is the fact that it is very obvious. You make use of the obvious nature of the app to hide your photos by making them know that you are definitely hiding something. Confused yet?

You see, KeepSafe features two hidden galleries, each protected by its own password. One gallery is where you will hide all the photos you don’t want people to see. The second gallery is a decoy, something that you access to actually show people. You place here some seemingly hide-worthy photos that you will ‘hide’ from people.

People are curious beings. They really want to know something as soon as they figure out that you are hiding something. You act like you don’t want them to know, and then eventually give in and “show” them what you were hiding. What they didn’t know is you are showing  them the dummy hidden photos, which should satisfy their curiosity and prompt them to leave you alone, leaving you in peace while never having to show the real hidden photos. Genius!

Price: Free / $4.99

Download: KeepSafe Vault / KeepSafe Gold

Photo Locker Pro

Photo Locker Pro

Another take on the whole photo hiding scheme is Photo Locker Pro by Handy Apps Inc. Rather than having a visible app or a dummy app as a façade, Photo Locker Pro is completely invisible. There is no app to select and no app to stumble upon. So how do you access it yourself? You make a “call”.

When you set up the Photo Locker Pro for the first time, you are prompted to create your pin. After the whole app is set up, you can set it to stealth mode and the app will disappear from your app drawer. To access the app and view your hidden photos, you need to go to the regular dialer app and dial the star key followed by the pin you made for the app. Press the call key and voila! Your photos are now visible only to you.

Price: Free / $2.99

Download: Photo Locker / Photo Locker Pro

Or....Hide Pictures Manually

2013-04-16 20.52.12Unless you use an app like Photo Locker Pro that hides the photos with an invisible app, people can figure out you are hiding something. Even with apps like KeepSafe Vault, a person familiar with the app will pester you further since they would know that there is another vault aside from your dummy one.

Enter the manual method...the one that's natively part of Android’s code designed to hide multimedia files from the gallery.

This method involves the use of the file manager, a default app that is found in all Android devices. This method is born from the same methods used by people a long time ago to hide files in a computer. You will create a confusing network of folders that only you know how to navigate. At the end of string of folders, you will move the photos that you don’t want people to see.

Of course, your work is not done yet. The gallery scans and detects all photos regardless of how deep they are in the file list. What you need to do next is to make sure that the gallery skips that folder during the routine scan so that the photos within the folders are not included in the gallery app. To do this, simply make a new folder within the folder where the files are kept. Name the folder as “.nomedia” Make sure that the period is there right before the word nomedia with no spaces.

There you go, a hidden folder network without using any third party app!