Own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple wants to help you take better photos.

The company launched a new web page focused on iPhone 7 photography. It features 16 how-to videos. Each one is very Apple - simple, helpful and fresh.

There's videos on taking better portraits, capturing great low-light shots, shooting one-handed selfies and much more.

Ready to up your photography game?

You can find all the videos at Apple or check out some of our favorites embedded here below.

How to shoot a great portrait

Launch the camera > Switch to Portrait mode > Wait for the "depth effect" option to appear > Shoot.

How to shoot a close up

Get close (within 10cm) > Tap focus > Slide vertically to adjust exposure > Shoot.

How to shoot without flash

Find a light source > Turn off the flash > Tap your subject to adjust exposure > Shoot.

How to shoot a selfie with the timer

Turn on the front-facing camera > Steady your phone > Set the timer > Tap the shutter button > Get in position and wait.

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