The Kickstarter-funded Lono Sprinkler Controller is a fresh and modern take on the tedious chore of watering your lawn.

So What Does It Do Exactly?

Lono consists of a central, splash-resistant hub consisting of bluetooth, wifi, battery backup, display, snooze button and sensors for up to 20 zones, along with an iOS and Android compatible smartphone app that lets you control your sprinkler system from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The system is also expandable by daisy-chaining Lonos together if you have larger water maintenance needs.

Will It Mow My Lawn Also?

Not quite. But using the app you can also pause watering for 24 hours with the touch of a button, quickly adjust the watering level for any zone, as well as turn zones on and off. The system also eliminates the hassle of having to figure out exactly when to water your lawn; you tell it what hours are okay, and it figures out the rest.

The combination of sensors and internet access allows this system to perform in a way typical sprinkler systems cannot. Instead of all changes having to be manually initiated by the user, the system assumes all decision-making responsibility, determines the needs of a given zone, and uses real-time weather reports to anticipate and respond.

Also, because Lono connects to the internet to send and receive data from your online account, it doesn’t need to be reset in the event of a power failure.

Is It Worth It?

Lono has clearly improved on a product category that has historically been complicated to use and limited in functionality. It’s smart, simple to use, and offers real savings in both time and money. However it is not yet known how durable the system is in extended, real-world application.

Overall, it appears to be a genuine value proposition for those of you looking for a better solution to lawn maintenance.

You can visit Lono on Kickstarter or the official website to learn more. Happy watering!