Since the last time we talked, the mobile world has been a bit crazy.

If you haven’t heard, Samsung has officially killed the Note 7. We can’t think of the last time that a phone that went into production was flat out cancelled--let alone from a company with a reputation like Samsung. It will be very interesting to see who takes advantage of the new opening at the top of the phablet market.

On the Apple side of the fence, it seems it’s not just phones that sell out quicker than suppliers can handle. Twelve South’s “New Mac” scented candle has created quite the buzz--selling out its initial run in less than 48 hours. So far, no one’s complained about lack of headphone jack.

Lastly, if you’re looking for tech deals on Amazon, you should find reviews a bit more dependable in the near future. Amazon is officially bringing down the banhammer on “incentivized” reviews. While it’ll take some time for things to shuffle around, this should mean you don’t have to worry nearly as much about companies pushing free products to boost their ratings on sub-par products!

P.S. Cracked’s recent “Honest Commercials” series have taken a shot at mobile carriers. While the funny short is a bit oversimplified, it’s not far from the truth and actually provides some good tips for finding a good carrier. If you have 4-minutes, we think it’s worth a view!



Anchor App Screenshot

Already making waves on iOS, Anchor is an interesting take on audio broadcasting. Part social network, part podcasting engine, the app allows you to both share original content and interact with others using short audio clips and your phone. No need for an expensive studio setup or complicated software!

While the app isn’t new, it’s debut on Google’s Play Store is! We’re definitely looking forward to diving in and seeing the new wave of content that comes with the release.

GoTenna Mesh


GoTenna Product Image

We talked about the previous GoTenna in an earlier issue of this newsletter, but the latest release has one potentially game-changing new feature. Instead of pairing between two devices like a sort of high-tech walkie talkie, the next generation of GoTenna is promising a fully private virtual mobile network! Instead of relying on a network, GoTennas can search each other out, creating relays and greatly expanding the range over the previous model. While there’s obvious privacy concerns that will need to be addressed, this is an awesome example of how mobile technology doesn’t need major carriers to innovate and evolve.

Moleskine Timepage Calendar


Moleskine Timepage Calendar App Screenshot

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how to-do lists are counterproductive. Moleskine is hoping to change this. Taking a schedule-centric approach helps this task manager stand out from the sea of other options on the market. The minimalistic interface looks sleek--providing just enough information to be sure you’re always on top of your obligations. Add in traffic routing, weather reports and monthly heatmaps and we think that the app justifies its price!

Covr Photo


Covr Photo Product Image

We can’t say it much better than this short explanation they posted on YouTube. Essentially, Google’s latest app uses glare reduction, enhancement, auto-alignment and bunch of other nifty features to make scanning a photo as simple as tapping your phone’s screen four times. No flash in the middle of it, crooked images or weird cropping. Even better, it’s available for both iOS and Android!

Montblanc Augmented Paper


Montblanc Augmented Paper Product Image

While the price won’t fit every budget, if you’re looking for an elevated digital paper experience, Montblanc is known for it’s high-quality designs and premium feel. You’re talking buy once and hand it down to your grandkids stuff here. Using their premium paper and the special Starwalker ballpoint pen, everything you jot, doodle or diagram is accessible on your phone, tablet or computer with just a few clicks.



Chatlight Product Image

Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect selfie or video chat with friends, family or coworkers, unless you have a front-facing flash on your phone or tablet, your images probably lack detail and color. This handy little light bar charges with USB so you don’t have to worry about batteries and uses a spring-loaded clip to fit any device. Since it doesn’t use any ports on your device, you can even use it along with a separate mic to improve the quality of video podcasts or Periscope posts!

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