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The Informr

Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor


Awair Product Image

The Awair keeps tabs on the air around it to help you avoid allergy and asthma triggers, promote better sleep and may even help improve focus and productivity. We like the look of it too with its minimalist, retro design. The box doesn’t stop at telling you about air quality, it also makes suggestions on ways to improve things and optimize your work or living space.



Meep Screenshot

Whether you don’t have time to read or simply prefer audio over text, Meep is a new platform that runs the middleground between podcasts and your RSS feeds. You set up your interests and hit play and Meep scours their database to serve up a radio-like experience tailored to your tastes. One thing that helps Meep stand out is their vast collection of voice-acted blog posts. This means you’re not limited to the normal podcast directories for content!

Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator


Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator

While texting or chatting across a language barrier is much easier these days, having a conversation with someone in another language isn’t so great. Kind of like the Babel Fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or the Universal Translator in Star Trek, this earpiece is capable of taking audio and translating it to your choice of languages using the help of your smartphone. Incroyable!

Google PhotoScan


Google PhotoScan App Screenshot

We can’t say it much better than this short explanation they posted on YouTube. Essentially, Google’s latest app uses glare reduction, enhancement, auto-alignment and bunch of other nifty features to make scanning a photo as simple as tapping your phone’s screen four times. No flash in the middle of it, crooked images or weird cropping. Even better, it’s available for both iOS and Android!

Wingback iPhone Sleeves


Wingback iPhone Sleeve Product Image

As more of our daily expenses transition from one-time purchases to monthly or yearly subscriptions, keeping track of all those renewal dates is a pain. It’s easy to completely miss small recurring subscriptions in the sea of transactions each month as well. Trim hopes to help you wrangle these costs using an intuitive chatbot interface. From notifications on balances to cancelling subscriptions, most features are only a quick text command away.

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