You know the feeling well. Your phone’s battery is running low and you’re going to be without a connection if you can’t get a charge.

That’s where the NomadKey comes to the rescue.

The NomadKey, $25.00 at Amazon, is a charging cable but it’s shaped like a house key. There is a USB connector on one side, and micro USB on the other (lightning cable for the iPhone version).

You can connect it to anything that has a USB port to juice up your phone or tablet. And it has the added ability to sync your devices as well.

The charging cable key is made of a durable, flexible rubber (engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and a rubber elastomer from Dupont), so you don’t have to worry about twisting it to get a solid connection. On the downside, it is a small connector end to end, so you may have to let your phone hang from its end when connected to something that is not on a flat surface and directly next to your phone.

The design of the NomadKey (AKA: ChargeKey) is the real selling point here. Since it is the same size as a house key and fits right on your keychain, it’s always with you - you don’t have to worry about an additional cable when you leave your home.

We found the quality of the material to be durable as advertised, bending and twisting it repeatedly in order to connect to a wall USB. No problems. And while there are no caps to protect the contacts, Nomad states that the contacts are made of scratch-resistant metal, so caps are not necessary. While charging times can range depending on devices and ports, the key charged our phone relatively quickly.

Also available is a NomadCard, which is identical in function but shaped like a credit card so you can keep it in your wallet. The card charger is equally durable, and does fit nicely inside your wallet without taking up too much room. does take up room, so we had to give the nod to the Key for being most convenient (and a bit easier to work with).

Clever, useful, innovative design
Durable materials

Compact size can make some connections a challenge


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