There’s a million Bluetooth speakers on the market (we counted), and they all start looking pretty similar after a while. But the team behind the crowdfunded Om/One has added a design twist that places their offering above the competition, literally, with a speaker that levitates.

The Om/One is an orb-shaped speaker that weighs in at just 340 grams (12 ounces) and measures 9.1cm (3.6 inches) in diameter, about the size of a softball. Inside is a 75mm audio driver and microphone. The speaker orb floats 3cm (1.2 inches) above its magnetic base.

Beyond the design novelty, the Om/One offers a speakerphone, Bluetooth 4.0, which allows for two Om/Ones to be paired for true stereo sound, and the ability to take the orb, separate from its base, with you wherever you go. And the rechargeable lithium-ion battery promises up to 15 hours of continuous playback, significantly higher than many Bluetooth speakers on the market.

As with all crowdfunded projects, there is a risk that the Om/One may not make it to market. However, according to the Om Audio website, they have already exceeded their $100,000 goal with the total standing at $309,036 at the time of this writing. If everything goes as planned, the speaker is expected to ship in December 2014.