If, like many, you neglect using your BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) because of the hassle of having to manually add your friends PIN Codes, you might be interested in SearchBBM.com, a new service that's trying to deliver BBM without all of the effort.

search bbm screenshot

The company has developed a platform that lets you search for BBM contacts online, for free. SearchBBM.com is synchronized with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google and shows users which of their contacts use BlackBerry Messenger, providing pincodes and the ability to scan the bar code from the SearchBBM website.

If privacy is a concern, the site lets you select from three types of “security locks”:

1. Green lock- displays your pin-code to all SearchBBM users
2. Blue lock- displays your pin-code only to your Facebook friends and by request
3. Gold lock- by request only

The company has produced a short video clip to help demonstrate:


SearchBBM has only been up and running for two weeks but appears to be growing quickly, having successfully reached 108 countries worldwide with over a thousand registered users. In the near future, the company promises to launch a BlackBerry application, also free of charge. We'll be watching their progress. In the meantime, let us know what you think.