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High performance but inconsistent build quality

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

from Notebookcheck

Nvidia wants to compete in the tablet market with the Tegra Note 7. Its price means that it has to face the very good Google Nexus 7, but it cannot take the top position. The much more expensive Apple iPad Mini Retina is also on a completely different level. However, the review unit can surpass the rest of the competition.

Well, the first reason is the IPS display with wide viewing angles. Besides a subjectively good picture with a decent contrast and high luminance, you can also use it outdoors. Web browsing, movie playback and gaming are really enjoyable. The experience is also... Full review

What Mobile

Packs quite a punch

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

from What Mobile

The general usability of the Tegra Note 7 can be enhanced by plugging it into a TV via its mini- HDMI port. This will be of particular interest to gamers who wish to take full advantage of its fast processor and who don’t want to be limited to its relatively small screen.

You can also pair up a compatible gamepad via Bluetooth and play a bunch of great titles. Nvidia curates optimised games that take advantage of the processor’s power in its TegraZone portal app – a mini app store. As a result, the Tegra Note 7 is a decent console alternative that can be fun for... Full review

PC Pro

Great performance, low price

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

from PC Pro
The Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 is a mixed proposition. It's clear that costs have been cut in the choice of screen and the tablet's overall build quality, but with a price this reasonable, top-notch performance and proper, pressure-sensitive stylus support, it's possible to overlook such tribulations. It certainly offers something different to its rivals.  .. Full review

A very good value for money

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

from TechRadar
If you thought Google had mastered everything in its own Nexus tablets then think again. Nvidia has pushed the design brief beyond a typical budget Android tablet and shown that power, flexibility and a great Android experience can be had for a price that makes it accessible to everyone... Full review
Tech Advisor

A powerful budget Android tablet

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

from Tech Advisor
For the price, the Advent Vega offers an awful lot and is better than the Tesco Hudl in almost every way. Google’s new Nexus 7 is better overall, mainly because of its excellent screen and battery life, but it costs £70 more and has no microSD card slot for adding storage. If you’re after a budget Android tablet, the Tegra Note 7 is a great choice... Full review

A powerful and affordable 7-inch Android tablet with a great stylus

Advent Vega

from TrustedReviews
You can get the Tegra Note 7 16GB model for £169.99 and that is great value for money. The Nexus 7 2 is more expensive at £199 and its main advantages over the Note 7 is the vastly superior screen quality. The same can be said about the Kindle Fire HDX 7, although you will have to be locked into that Amazon ecosystem. For a first attempt at making a tablet, the Note 7 is an impressive starting point for Nvidia. If it can ramp up the screen resolution and some of the build quality, the Nexus 7 could have a small tablet fight on its hands... Full review
Tracy and Matt

You get high specs for an unbelievable low price

Advent Vega

from Tracy and Matt
The Advent Vega is the star of the show as far as Android Tablets go. It delivers on it's low price and high specs. Forget what you have read on other reviews about the build quality, it's fine! Grab a 32gb MircoSD card and whack it in. Use it lots and you'll get used to the fiddly button arrangement and keep it up to date with the latest firmware and things will get smoother. Finally visit Paul's forum at Modaco, get the customisation mod and you'll never look back. This is simply great value and the best 10" Android Tablet on the market... Full review
Tech Advisor

The Advent Vega is a train wreck

Advent Vega

from Tech Advisor

It would be kind to explain away the Advent Vega as an over-enthusiastic attempt to get a knock-down price iPad into the hands of the masses in time for Christmas. But this poor copy of Apple’s tablet appears more as another embarrassment to the Dixons Stores Group and its house-brand Advent. Like the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet that DSG is alleged to have removed from sale after so many customer complaints, the Advent Vega is not especially fit for purpose. The key issues are that it cannot download new apps from the Android Market, its screen is nearly unviewable at most off-axis angle... Full review


There are times you will forget how cheap the Advent Vega is

Advent Vega

from SlashGear

There are times – web browsing, for instance – when we had to remind ourselves how cheap the Vega is, given its performance lived up to other far more expensive tablets. At other times, the cost-cutting required to hit that price reared its head, with the lacklustre viewing angles of the display being a particular frustration. Reading text or looking at photos or video is simply a more enjoyable experience with the iPad or Galaxy Tab’s displays.
Out of the box, there’s definitely a sense that you get what you pay for. Advent could have done themselves major favo... Full review


It's not as promising as you think it would be

Advent Vega

from Pocket-lint

The Advent Vega is an interested piece of kit. It will probably appeal to those who either know a lot about Android, or nothing at all. The former group will take it and change it, the latter group will accept it as a simple browser and media player. The middle group, however, will probably never be happy with the limited range of functions available on the Vega as it is.
We’re impressed with the screen – it is vibrant and responsive to the touch - even if the viewing angles are a little tight. We found it to be great for watching (compatible) movies, with just enough sound... Full review

Cheap, good performance, No Repair support from Currys / PC World

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7"

This is very good value for money, good spec, expandable but there is something few of us consider when we buy any product - can it be repaired? well after breaking the glass but it still functions, PC World said they would not repair it, not even give me a price (even though it might be more than w... More
This is very good value for money, good spec, expandable but there is something few of us consider when we buy any product - can it be repaired? well after breaking the glass but it still functions, PC World said they would not repair it, not even give me a price (even though it might be more than what I paid for it) . Now, if that is the case then I would not consider buying Nvidia (I have been looking at the Nvidia Shield), Advent, or buying anything from PC World or Currys again. I can find spare screens for just about every other tablet out there (Apple, HP etc). This must be a common form of damage, so why isn't this tablet supported better? price must part of it. Ask the question before you buy any tablet - can you get a replacement screen? Less

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