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The BeBook Live falls between an e-reader and a tablet, and unfortunately doesn't succeed as either

BeBook Live

from Electricpig

The BeBook Live is hard to recommend. It’s more expensive than an e-reader, with a battery that’s nowhere near as good, and doesn’t perform anywhere near a high end tablet, with no 3G and a low res screen. It’s perfectly functional, but really, it doesn’t do anything you can’t get from your phone – in fact, chances are your mobile’s running a newer version of Android than Froyo. Tablets are still a relatively niche category, seeing as they’re a completely superfluous luxury product. While we applaud companies like BeBook for trying to ma... Full review

Android Community

A simple looking piece of equipment that you might very well want to take a look for your next tablet solution

BeBook Live

from Android Community

This is no rival tablet. You’ll not be wanting to choose this device over basically any other tablet save for one point: it may well be the cheapest tablet you can purchase that still uses an OK version of Android on a 1GHz processor. That said, the original Galaxy Tab retails for only £30 more than the price of the BeBook and offers dual cameras, a higher resolution screen, four-times the internal storage and stronger battery life. Harsh! Currently you’ll be picking up the BeBook Live for approximately £229 in the UK, translating that how you will to USD or whatever... Full review


It obviously lacks the tablet-centric modifications Honeycomb brought

BeBook Live

from SlashGear
As a potential iPad and Kindle rival, the BeBook Live falls short on both fronts. Battery life is weaker than either, while the display is arguable less comfortable for ebook use than an E Ink panel and is generally far less impressive than the IPS LCD screens we’ve seen on recent tablets. Conversely, the browsing, Android Market flexibility, email support and multimedia playback makes for considerably broader flexibility than the Kindle, and the price is nearly half what you’d pay for an entry-level iPad... Full review

The core experience is good, but the performance befits its price

BeBook Live

from Pocket-lint

The BeBook Live is one of many Android tablets that won’t break the bank, but also don’t offer you the latest, or most appropriate, version of Android. On the plus side, you do get access to Android Market, along with the Google essentials meaning that out of the box the experience is better than some other cheap rivals. But BeBook otherwise don’t add anything to the mix: there is no real additional functionality or services that they supply, so it really is a case of buying the hardware and getting on with things. That might work for some and given the low price, some of... Full review

Tech Advisor

The BeBook Live seeks to fill the gap between top-end premium devices and the more affordable mid-range market

BeBook Live

from Tech Advisor
The BeBook Live Android 2.2 'Froyo' tablet is a fast and responsive 7in tablet that is light enough to take out and about and sufficiently good value that we can forgive it the limited screen resolution and general lack of polish. One of the better budget tablets we’ve tried... Full review

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