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It will take a more superior hardware to get the most of a Windows tablet

ExoPC Slate

from Liliputing

The ExoPC may be the best Intel Atom-powered Windows tablet I’ve tested to date, thanks to its large, high resolution display, accurate touch panel, HD video accelerator, and custom software layer. But text entry is still a bit of a chore, the custom web browser is a bit too basic for my tastes, and the 2-4 second delay when rotating the display is just too long. For $699, I’d kind of hoped for a better experience. Unfortunately, I think it takes a faster processor and possibly an active digitizer to truly get the most out of Windows 7 on a tablet. Both of those things will be a... Full review


The best Windows tablet by far

ExoPC Slate

from Techradar
If you've been waiting for a usable Windows 7 slate, the ExoPC Slate is close to what you've been waiting for. There are some rough edges (especially in the ExoPC user interface) but the company is busy smoothing them out. It's possible to make a better Windows tablet than the ExoPC Slate, but (unless you're happy with a keyboard you have to fold out the way) no-one has done a better job yet... Full review
Laptop Magazine

It has a novel interface that makes Windows 7 bearable, but beta issues need to be resolved

ExoPC Slate

from Laptop Magazine

It's no secret that Windows 7 is not the best operating system for tablets, mainly because of its mouse-centric heritage. All the Windows-based tablets we've tested suffer from serious usability issues and most have short battery life and high price tags, to boot. The ExoPC Slate is not your typical Win 7 tablet. It covers Microsoft's desktop with an innovative custom interface that includes its own app store. Add in a high-definition 11.6-inch screen, front-facing webcam, and multiple USB ports and you have a tablet that truly stands out from the crowd. But does the ExoPC Slate's... Full review


May be a solid choice for developers and early adopters looking to tinker

ExoPC Slate

from Engadget

We've come to look at the ExoPC itself as a bit of a conundrum and perhaps the best illustration yet of exactly why Intel and Microsoft need to do some serious work on their respective tablet offerings. Although ExoPC offers a unique and interesting touch UI on top of Windows 7 to compensate for Microsoft's lacking consumer touch features, it's not anywhere close to done, and thus requires Windows 7 to fully operate. Yet ultimately, it's Windows 7 -- and the power-hungry parts needed to run it -- that end up crippling the ExoPC the most.

If it weren't for the promise of t... Full review

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