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Fairly decent for a budget tablet, but a few niggles make it hard to fully recommend

Hannspree Hannspad SN10T1

from Pocket-lint

Overall, the Hannpree HANNSpad isn't a bad tablet, especially considering its budget price tag. The screen is a decent size, and while the quality isn't perfect, it's certainly good enough for watching a films. However, there are a number of niggles that could put you off buying Hannspree's tablet. Along with the lack of Android Market, there's also the absense of any kind of camera, along with the limited viewing angle from the screen, so it doesn't really progress on any number of existing budget devices we've seen.

If you want a tablet for web browsing, checking the odd email, tw... Full review

Tech Advisor

A curious hybrid of decent hardware and an unconvincing interface

Hannspree Hannspad SN10T1

from Tech Advisor
At £249, the Hannspree Hannspad is hardly an impulse buy, but it’s not the most expensive tablet out there either. The makers have done a decent job of disguising the fact it’s built on a smartphone platform - it certainly feels more like a proper tablet than some we’ve tried. However, it’s a curious hybrid of decent hardware and an unconvincing interface... Full review

It feels like a wasted opportunity

Hannspree Hannspad SN10T1

from Techradar
The Hannspad's score doesn't indicate that we didn't like it, because we were actually quite taken with it in many ways. Good battery life, stunning media power and strong web browsing are just the sort of things a tablet should excel at.The score is a reflection of the fact that we just can't really recommend it for purchase. Not with an unresponsive touchscreen, a display with terrible viewing angles and irritating standby issues.It feels like a wasted opportunity. There's the making of a great tablet here, but it's been squandered... Full review

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