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The Story HD's high-resolution screen and clear interface aren't enough to make up for the lack of Wi-Fi or a built-in eBook store at this price

iriver Story HD

from Expert Reviews
The Story HD has some interesting features and a refreshingly clear interface, but the lack of Wi-Fi and built-in store puts it at a disadvantage. Its keyboard seems wasted, and it's not as good value as the Kobo Wireless eReader or the Amazon Kindle, both of which cost about £20 less... Full review
PC Pro

A decent eBook reader but struggles to make a compelling case

iriver Story Wi-Fi

from PC Pro
If you ignore the Wi-Fi and the store facility completely, then, the iRiver is a competent eBook reader. We can’t possibly recommend it, though, and the main reason is the new Amazon Kindle, which at launch will cost £50 less for the 3G version and £90 less for the Wi-Fi only model, will boast a far broader selection of titles to choose from, and if the last Kindle is anything to go by it will have a nicer screen too. If you’re in the market for an eBook reader now, we recommend you hold onto your cash... Full review
The eBook Reader

It has the feature-set of an ebook reader from yesteryear

iriver Story HD

from The eBook Reader
It is a decent device with plenty of potential but it leaves much to be desired. The higher definition screen is nice, and so is having Google eBooks onboard, but that's not enough to counter the competition. Hopefully iriver will continue to develop the firmware to add to the functionality of the device. At this point it falls into the category of a good but basic ereader... Full review

A decent e-reader for fans of Google Books, but it's tough to recommend over its identically priced competitors, which offer touch screens and 3G

iriver Story HD

from Cnet
Now, if the Iriver Story HD cost $99, things would get a lot more interesting. But it doesn't (not yet, anyway), so it's hard to recommend. That doesn't mean it's not a relatively well-designed e-reader that we actually liked in a lot of ways. But the competition has become pretty fierce in the e-reader arena, and while the Iriver HD Story measures up in many respects, it falls short in others... Full review
The Verge

The Story HD has a high resolution display, but it's not enough to make up for a lack of features

iriver Story HD

from The Verge

Still, given the very simple interface of the Story HD and the sometimes disappointing Google ebookstore, the Story HD presents a fairly satisfactory overall experience, and while it's not able to compete point-for-point with the Nook or Kindle, it also doesn’t completely lose against those competitors, either. In fact, as a utilitarian product, it doesn’t fare too badly, and the performance of the device is solid, with no sluggishness or delays. The real sticking point, I think, is in its price point. At $139, the Story HD is the exact same price as the Wi-Fi-only Nook and Kind... Full review

Laptop Magazine

It has high-definition display but falls short on ergonomics

iriver Story HD

from Laptop Magazine

At first glance, the $139 iRiver Story HD seems like a solid eReader contender. The HD display differentiates this device from the Kindle and Nook, as does the wide document support. However, these features don't balance out the uncomfortable design or the inability to make notes and highlights. The Google eBook integration works both in the story HD's favor and against it. After all, if you can load these books on any number of eReaders, why choose one that's not quite there--especially when the Nook Touch is the same price and the Kindle Wi-Fi is $10 less? However, if you're dedicated to... Full review


There's just nothing all that compelling about it

iriver Story HD

from Engadget

Were it launched rather than just announced back in January, the Story HD may well have been a contender. As it stands, however, the reader is a victim of its own timing, having been eclipsed by both the Nook and Kobo -- and we still haven't seen what Amazon has up its sleeve for the next generation. The device's "HD" display is a nice feature, but it's hardly enough reason to recommend it over the competition. The Google partnership is neat as well, but again, it's just not as compelling is it might sound at first, since the software giant's content can already be loaded onto most readers,... Full review

PC Magazine

Fantastic screen and the first ebook reader with Google eBooks integration

iriver Story HD

from PC Magazine
Two years ago, the iriver Story HD would likely have been a serious contender. But in 2011, where the Nook and Kobo readers have received major upgrades, and the Kindle remains an excellent device, using the Story HD feels like reading in a time machine. It works fine, and the Google integration is nice, but it just might be too late for the iriver Story HD. For now, the Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Reader remains the best ebook reader on the market, and the Kindle is a close second... Full review

The iRiver Story HD is such a purist device that it does feel a little outdated

iriver Story HD

from SlashGear

The iRiver Story HD is such a purist device that it does feel a little outdated. Outwardly it looks to be competing against the Amazon Kindle as it has the same overall form factor, a 6-inch E Ink screen, and full physical keypad below. But, it does away with a lot of the features of recently launched e-readers such as the ability to surf the web, check email, and listen to music or audio books. The iRiver Story HD completely forgoes all this although this is not necessarily bad. For many this means a lot of skimping on features, while for others this means a pure reading device absent of a... Full review


It offers a crisp, high-resolution display, but its chintzy design leaves much to be desired

iriver Story HD

from PCWorld

iRiver says that the Story HD's 1800mAh lithium polymer battery takes about 4.5 hours to charge, and that it can last for up to 14,000 page turns, or up to six weeks on standby. That puts it close to, but not quite at, the longevity of the competition. Frankly, that the United States market has gotten the IRiver Story HD at all is a surprise; the company introduced its first e-reader for international markets two years ago, and is only now bringing its third-generation product to the U.S. The partnership with Google Books should give this e-reader a boost, and it may give Google Books a boo... Full review

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