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Reviews (6.9/10 Avg. rating)

The Indian Express

Great design and concept, but the photos need to be better

Kodak Ektra

from The Indian Express
This is at the moment a novelty phone. Whoever buy this a primary phone will have to live with the weird design when they are not using it as a camera and that will be hard to justify. For the camera lovers, maybe this is a second phone they would like to carry around on their travels. But won’t camera lovers prefer using a better point-and-shoot or even a GoPro, is what I have been thinking. The Kodak Ektra is a good idea that fails with its execution. I’m waiting for the Kodak Ektra 2... Full review

Well-designed camera app, retro aesthetics

Kodak Ektra

from NDTV
Bullitt has got the pricing right with the Ektra, as anything more than Rs. 20,000 would have made it too expensive to consider. In fact, we’re surprised that it has been this aggressive considering that this phone sells for much more overseas. The throwback to old-style film cameras in the design is a nice touch and gives the Ektra some nostalgic value. However, this is a smartphone at the end of the day, and all things considered, it doesn’t really stand out. The main highlight is its camera, which is good, but not great... Full review

Feels like using a "real" camera and a little slow

Kodak Ektra

from ePHOTOzine
The Kodak Ektra Smartphone is one of the only current smartphones to offer the retro look and style of a compact camera. There's also a large two-stage shutter release button, adding the feel of using a real camera. The smartphone doesn't come across very well when compared to the latest generation smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 (with its next generation screen), however it isn't priced as a premium smartphone, and it offers unique styling, and retro looks... Full review
Tom's Guide

Surprisingly a good camera phone for the price

Kodak Ektra

from Tom's Guide
With a big bulky grip and an even bigger camera module, the Kodak Ektra may not be the sleekest or the most powerful phone, but it's still pretty charming... Full review
Photography Blog

Doesn't quite offer enough to persuade

Kodak Ektra

from Photography Blog
The Kodak Ektra certainly looks fantastic in all those glossy online marketing shots, but in reality it doesn't quite live up to its promise, either as a camera or a smartphone. While we love the retro styling, the dedicated shutter button and handgrip, the haptic-touch shooting mode dial, RAW support and the close integration with Snapseed, sadly the overall image quality doesn't blow us away, and neither does the day-to-day experience of using it as our primary smart device, with the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system lagging behind the competition... Full review

It’s not just as good a camera as other flagship handsets

Kodak Ektra

from Stuff

The Ektra should have been a nostalgic novelty phone for camera fans, but it just doesn’t deliver. It feels more like a fun toy than something you’d actually want to use every day as your main phone, and even then it’s got too many flaws to be fun for very long. Without beating the more generic competition, it’s just too niche. Mediocre specs, slow speed, average image quality and build quality that can’t match its design ambitions - it’s a real shame there’s little here to love. Maybe it’ll become just as collectible as the original Ektra in... Full review


Phone camera failings can’t revive those nostalgic Kodak moments

Kodak Ektra

from Pocket-lint

As phone cameras continue to get better and better, we had high hopes for the Kodak Ektra. Its stance toward being a camera-phone help it to stand-out in a market of otherwise copycat devices that, to many, will be hard to recognise one from the next. Sadly, the Ektra stands out for all the wrong reasons: its specification (ignoring six-axis stabilisation) is middling, it's slow to operate and use as a camera, its images are over-saturated, low-light shots have banding issues, the app is poorly designed and, ultimately, there's little to nothing to save Kodak's attempted reintegration into... Full review

Mobile Choice

So distinctive that it begs and demands a second look

Kodak Ektra

from Mobile Choice
This smartphone is for the stylish and discerning customer who wants to be seen with a fantastic looking product encased in a leather carrying case. It also happens to be a phone... Full review

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