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Rugged PC Review

Major performance increase and productivity-boosting enhancements makes it eminently suitable for any number of jobs out there in the field

Motion F5v

from Rugged PC Review
With this latest version of the F5, Motion has significantly reduced our wish list. We'd still like to see a dual-mode digitizer (or maybe a capacitive multi-touch screen) at least as an option, and perhaps an SDHC card slot. And IP65 sealing should be obtainable. Else, while it may look almost exactly the same, the 2010 Motion F5v is a MUCH improved machine and eminently suitable for any number of jobs out there in the field... Full review
PC Pro

A refined, yet tough-nut Tablet PC for the most niche of business applications

Motion F5v

from PC Pro
Motion Computing’s F5v certainly doesn’t boast universal appeal, but it’s supremely well-built and, crucially, shot through with brilliantly realised features that few, if any, Tablet PCs can emulate. It is chronically expensive, but as a versatile tool for specific, niche applications, it’s a simply stunning piece of hardware... Full review

Not cheap but price is very reasonable for its excellent performance

Motion F5v

from ZDNet
Motion Computing has kitted out its rugged 'field-ready' tablet with an impressive set of components, including Intel's latest vPro-equipped Core i7 CPU, mobile broadband, and cameras to the front and rear. There's only one USB port and no flash card reader, but the sceen is excellent, performance is good and battery life is reasonable. It's not cheap, but field workers should be able to use it with confidence... Full review

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