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Chip Chick

Looks fresh and exciting

Nextbit Robin

from Chip Chick

Robin is an experiment, and experiments don’t usually go perfectly the first time they’re attempted. The value of their cloud storage system is questionable, the battery life isn’t great, and the phone gets disconcertingly hot even with light use. But, the camera and performance aren’t bad for the price, the audio is better than most, and we love to see stylish colors that buck the metallic shades that everyone else seems fixated on. Nextbit dares to be different, and that’s cool, but we can’t help but think that waiting for Robin version 2.0 might be a b... Full review

Mobile Choice

Minty fresh

Nextbit Robin

from Mobile Choice
Street-cred wise this is a great phone. It is a breath of fresh air in an all metal world. It is also a very good idea to hook up a phone to cloud for it to backup automatically and especially for a challenger brand. However, niggles remain. The camera is very laggy and performance is hit and miss... Full review
Tech Advisor

A quirky, capable Android handset that shoots itself in the foot

Nextbit Robin

from Tech Advisor
The final feelings for us are ones of a chance missed. Nextbit has created a unique phone and created a buzz, but they’ve gone out on a limb by pushing a cloud storage function that is much better on paper than in reality. Had the company plumped for a base model of 64GB, for example, it might have had a hit on its hands thanks to intelligent design, adequate on-board storage and the removal of a confusing user experience. As it stands, the Nextbit Robin is a decent Android phone with an above average screen for its price... Full review

Innovative cloud storage implementation

Nextbit Robin

from PhoneArena
The Robin is a great, inspiring start for Nextbit. Hopefully there are many other great things to come from the company in the future, and hopefully this includes a high-end device to go toe-to-toe with the flagships out there. Nextbit obviously has what it takes... Full review
XDA Developers

The cloud phone that’s knockin’ on heaven’s door

Nextbit Robin

from XDA Developers

The Robin isn’t an extraordinary device, but it doesn’t pretend to be one. Nextbit has taken what Google wants to do with the Nexus and cloud services and simply integrated all of it. Google wants you to use individual services to backup your photos, apps, music, etc while Nextbit is providing the entire experience for you out of the box. Of course, like I mentioned above, the cloud experience on the Robin is far from perfect but it has the potential to make the device a serious contender in the future. For now, however, Nextbit is knocking on heaven’s door with the Robin... Full review


Serious performance issues

Nextbit Robin

from Wired
A great premise can get you a long way. The Nextbit Robin sparked the internet public's imagination, claiming to bring an end to running out of storage. It does, but only on a superficial level. Like a wish from a genie, this solution comes with irritating side-effects that outnumber, and perhaps also outweigh, the benefits... Full review

A break from the black slab with a unique cloud storage solution

Nextbit Robin

from ZDNet
The hardware looks great, feels fabulous in the hand, is responsive and stable, has a fast and convenient fingerprint scanner, and lasts most of a day. The camera is a bit slow and doesn't take the best photos, but is good enough for sharing online. The speakers sound good and work well for sharing YouTube and other videos together... Full review

A memory of its own

Nextbit Robin

from AndroidPIT
The Nextbit Robin is a solid smartphone with an attractive polycarbonate case, which differs from the standard design of most smartphones. But the key to the Robin's power is not its hardware but its software. The connection of the cloud service is a good idea, and quite unique, to my knowledge no other manufacturer has done this. The function that makes photos visible through a thumbnail on the phone while the original data is stored in the cloud is very convenient. Photos can be viewed in the cloud in full resolution. This feature, until this time, was only available on iOS... Full review

Distinctive design, decent value

Nextbit Robin

from TechRadar
The Nextbit Robin's cloud storage feature isn't persuasive, but even without that it's a great value handset that stands out from the crowd. It's just a shame the battery doesn't last a bit longer... Full review

Some impressive specs

Nextbit Robin

from Ausdroid
Robin is probably one of the most Nexus-like devices on the market at the moment, and given the phone’s design I’d feel happier carrying this around over a Nexus 5X. If you want your phone to be noticed, you really should consider carrying around the Mint version... Full review

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