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You'll love this very smart dumbphone

Punkt MP01

from Wired
Skeptics and cynics should take Punkt up on its 30-day return policy. No need to get carried away. Start slowly. Use the MP01 on a lazy weekend just to gauge addiction. If you don't get the DTs (digital tremens) consider using it during a longer family holiday. You might be surprised. It won't change your life, but it may make you more human... Full review
National Unplugging Day

For anyone wishing to go back to basics

Punkt MP01

from National Unplugging Day
I really love this phone as it’s stylish, sleek and trendy enough not to feel like you are missing out but also, it gives the user in part, some of their life back. Once you settle with idea of your stripping usage back down and you feel comfortable enough that you have warned those around you to use older school methods of communication, you will feel liberated and free to concentrate on more enjoyable and important things in your daily life... Full review

Get your life back phone

Punkt MP01

from Appcessories
It’s not exactly cheap, but if you’re serious about a more present lifestyle and a digital detox, the price may be worth it... Full review
Technology Pep

Distraction-free device

Punkt MP01

from Technology Pep
While the Punkt MP01 is certainly great for letting you focus on your work, it does have one major flaw – its price. Many may be aghast at the first sight of its price. It is pretty unusual to have a price tag so high considering you can’t do much with the phone. It is quite striking as this may not be the right balance to what should be the right solution to procrastination over work... Full review

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