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Reviews (4.2/10 Avg. rating)

Tech Advisor

RAM allocation and interface leave much to be desired

Scroll 7 Capacitive

from Tech Advisor
We really wish Storage Options had paid attention to ensuring the usability of the Scroll, as the hardware has potential and the inclusion of an HDMI-out port for hooking it up to a large-screen TV is appealing. Unfortunately, barely anything we tried on the Scroll worked with any degree of satisfaction... Full review

An extremely flawed Android tablet that is best avoided

Scroll 7 Capacitive

from Techradar
To conclude, we just can't think why you would buy this tablet, as the price precludes it even being a budget purchase. If you want a 7-inch tablet to do the absolute basics, then this will suffice, but we'd recommend spending an extra £100 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Dell Streak... Full review
PC Pro

The specs look good and so does the price, but this tablet is slow, sluggish and generally horrible to use

Scroll 7 Capacitive

from PC Pro
All in all, then, we’re not very impressed with the Scroll. Although it looks fine on paper, in practice it’s a truly horrid device to use: too slow, too sluggish and too limited in its software. If you want a cheap 7in tablet, the Creative ZiiO 7in(even with its resistive screen) is a far better bet than this... Full review
Expert Reviews

A cheap but very flawed Android tablet

Scroll 7 Capacitive

from Expert Reviews
Inconsistent performance, unpredictable battery life and the lack of a proper Android Market means anyone who has used a pricier tablet will be disappointed. We understand that the Scroll is cheap and that a degree of corner-cutting is to be expected, but that doesn’t stop it from being too flawed to recommend. We recommend saving up a while longer for the far superior 7-inch Galaxy Tab... Full review

Penny-saving cuts make it too much of a chore to use


from TrustedReviews
The Storage Options miScroll tablet may be one of the cheapest Android tablets around, but the penny-saving cuts make it too much of a chore to use. The resistive touchscreen, mediocre display and lack of the Android Market drain the fun out of what should fundamentally be something fun to play with.  .. Full review

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