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The Telstra-T-Touch Tab still isn't worth its cheap price

Telstra T-Touch Tab

from CNET

The great disclaimer we could apply before each of our criticisms is: "it's just $300". It's true that you can buy this tablet subsidised through Telstra for a third of the cost of an iPad or Galaxy Tab, but comparisons aside, is this AU$300 well spent?

To achieve a budget price tag for a 7-inch Android tablet, corners are going to be cut, but when these cut corners are in fact the cornerstones of the user experience — the touchscreen input and the battery life of the device — you have to ask yourself if this is a device you are going to get a lot of use out of.<... Full review


An affordable, entry-level tablet that doesn't skimp on too many features

Telstra T-Touch Tab

from PCWorld
The Telstra T-Touch Tab won't win any design awards, but the device feels sturdy enough and reasonably well constructed. Despite its obvious shortcomings, the Telstra T-Touch Tab is a reasonable multimedia device and Android is far less restrictive than Apple's iPad/iPhone platform. While the Dell Streak and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab could be considered competitors, their higher price means the T-Touch Tab is effectively alone as an affordable, entry-level tablet that doesn't skimp on too many features... Full review

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