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Tracy and Matt

This will make you consider buying a UMPC

Viliv S5

from Tracy and Matt
Viliv have really gone to town on the S5 and come up with something that could be quite special. The software package is a little bit rough around the edges, but the hardware itself is fantastic. Software, of course, is fairly easy to fix anyway and an alternative keyboard might be a cheap fix as well.I really didn’t think I’d get on with an UMPC device, but as soon as I opened the box I was impressed with the build quality of the kit, and the styling. I realise this is a small market, but if you are after a UMPC, go get this one!.. Full review
Laptop Magazine

A compelling but pricey mobile internet device

Viliv S5

from Laptop Magazine
Priced at $799, our configuration of the Viliv S5 is pricier than the $299 Clarion MiND, and twice as expensive as most netbooks. With that premium, however, comes a highly portable design, GPS, a sharp (though reflective) display, optional 3G connectivity, and impressive endurance. Touch and stylus novices may be put off by the lack of a physical keyboard, but if you want a pocketable PC and don’t mind the two-handed operation—or the price—the Viliv S5 will satisfy... Full review
PC Magazine

It's too expensive that you'll opt to buy a couple of netbooks instead

Viliv S5

from PC Magazine
The only reason you should even consider the Viliv S5 Premium is because the best alternative—the OQO model 02—is on its way out. It runs a full-blown operating system and is more pocket-able than a standard netbook. However, the same reason why the model 02 didn't work out will eventually be true of the S5: the virtual haptic keyboard is almost unusable, performance is not up to par. Plus, these days $800 can buy you two netbooks... Full review

You can't help but get impressed with the X70 EX

Viliv X70 EX

from TechCrunch

I love the X70. I have never, ever been so impressed with a gadget, computer or otherwise. I think what amazes me the most is the price. You can get a full computing experience, with all of its pros and cons, in a truly portable package for only $600.

Now, as much as I love the X70 as a computer, I should point out that I’m not entirely impressed with it as a dedicated web browsing device. Internet performance is just one shot under par and the low-end Intel GMA 500 kills most Internet video sites. I know this sounds like a shameless plug but I totally mean it when I say yo... Full review


Too large to be a smart device, too small to be a useful Netbook

Viliv S5

from CNET
We played with an import model of the Viliv S5 and, while its performance is close to a full-size Netbook, the cost--$599--is at the upper end of the Netbook range. A similarly spec'd 10.1-inch Netbook would only cost $300, half the cost of this device. With the extra cash, you could purchase an iPod Touch for your portable media viewing. For $100 to $200 less, the S5 would be a far more compelling tweener machine, although it's already impressive that Viliv offers this palm-size PC at a fraction of the cost of UMPCs that came before it... Full review
UMPC Porttal

You'll run out of words to describe how good this device is

Viliv X70 EX

from UMPC Porttal

High quality. Great battery life. Excellent build. Class leading portability. Fast, high quality web browsing. High-end video quality and a good range of accessories is exactly what we said about the Viliv S5 but it applies to the X70 EX too. With the X70 you sacrifice some portability for an improved user experience, SD card slot, web cam and built-in mic and in our opinion the X70 EX is a better Tablet-style solution than the S5 unless you need the smallest form factor possible. It covers more usage scenarios with an easier user experience.
It has to be said that, as with most UMPCs,... Full review


Disappointing 3G support and an awkward software keyboard make it less than ideal for everyday use

Viliv S5

from PCWorld
As UMPCs go, the Viliv S5 delivers on many of its promises, although the disappointing 3G performance will deter some people and the software keyboard makes it a poor choice for anyone who frequently wrangles Office documents. But for $599, you can get a nice, lightweight netbook. I recommend checking out the Viliv only if you absolutely must have a 1-pound Windows PC that works well with Wi-Fi, and you're not expecting to do a lot of typing... Full review

It's an amazing device, but it wouldn't really matter for someone who doesn't like MIDs

Viliv S5

from Gizmodo

The S5 is a good value, but you may not like it anyway.
At .92lbs, the Viliv is a bit hefty in your hands even though it's 1.5lbs lighter than most netbooks. Still, the Viliv kept surprising me with its speed. Loaded with the same processor as the Vaio P, the system doesn't actually run XP faster than any Atom-based, but to see installation bars and downloads move so quickly on such a tiny device is always a bit of a mindfrak.
The resistive touchscreen has passable color, brightness and contrast—luckily, it's also ridiculously accurate. Yeah, the buttons and icons are as min... Full review


It's impossible not to love it unless you hate the slate-style form factor

Viliv S5

from Pocketables

Mobile computing is about personal choice. We all have different wants and needs, so no single device can satisfy us all; a dealbreaker for one person could have no effect on a purchasing decision for another.  The Viliv S5 Premium has so much going for it (build quality, performance, battery life, size/weight, versatility, price, etc.) that at a glance, it would seem almost impossible for anyone not to love it, want it, and buy it. But here I stand, fully aware of how remarkable the S5 is and why so many consumers can't wait to have one as their own, yet still not wanting one as my ow... Full review

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