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Gear Diary

The Vinci Tab is a fantastic introduction into the tablet world


from Gear Diary

All of the games are well designed to be enjoyable as well as educational. They are good enough that it seems like they are almost sneaky since the kids really do not realize they are learning. All of the applications include high quality graphics and sound and the user experience of the modified Android operating system is easy for the kids to learn. My four year old had no problem jumping in and exploring the folders. He was instantly able to remember what each icon stood for and is able to use the tablet completely independently. The design of the tablet makes it safe in his hands and he... Full review

PC Magazine

It's currently hampered by its reliance on its content—and there’s just not much of it yet


from PC Magazine

If you’ve ever handed your kid your Apple iPad and gotten it back in questionable condition, you’ll immediately grasp the value of a child-proof tablet designed specifically for children. Combine educational content designed specifically for young minds and a design that ruggedizes the delicate tablet, and you’ve got the Vinci Tab. The concept is right for this toy/tool aimed at kids up to age 4, but the execution is a bit off: The Android-based tablet is loaded with software that isn’t as good as it could be, and makes it difficult to access the wide array of childr... Full review


Software needs quite a bit of work


from BitBitByte

If you happen to have a miniature human running around your office or home like we do, a small incarnation of yourself (you gadget geek, you) who lunges after every electronic in the room, you need the Vinci tablet. For the purpose it aims to serve — keeping young kids entertained while also teaching them in a new, modern way — it’s a great tool.

At the same time there are some issues. First of all, we think the hardware itself could be a bit more protective of the display in particular seeing as how that’s the only way of interacting with the device. Break t... Full review

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