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The Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 is a that offers very good sound quality as long as you don't crank the volume too high.

- Will Greenwald , PC Magazine 

It doesn’t just go louder than the original, the Roll 2 is also more open, more dynamic, sounds more solid and more detailed.

- What Hi-Fi team , What Hi-Fi 

Specs / Features

Big, bold, beautiful sound: Sound so loud you will have to shout to be heard; 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL.

Big, bold, beautiful sound: Sound so loud you will have to shout to be heard; 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL.



Brand Logitech
Model 984-000659
Warranty 24 months
Size 13 x 4 cm (5.1 x 1.6 in)

Reviews (8.8/10 Avg. rating)


Richly detailed mid frequencies, class-leading wireless connectivity range

from Digit
The UE Roll 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the present market. At Rs. 8,495, you get great balance of mids and highs, and would have been nearly perfect with better low frequency performance. It still delivers good audio clarity, and now flaunts class-leading Bluetooth range. It is certainly among the best Bluetooth speakers in the market, but those who own a UE Roll do not have much reason to upgrade to this one... Full review

Primed for the outdoors in every way

from TrustedReviews
A striking, rugged speaker offering superb volume, if not the deepest bass... Full review
Tools & Toys

Surprisingly loud, given its size

from Tools & Toys
I sought the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 as an alternative to the Boom 2 because I wanted great sound in a smaller package. Overall, the Roll 2 has delivered on every single front. Yes, the volume buttons can be too easy to press, and the audio quality can get muddy at high volumes, but the battery life, overall audio quality, weather resistance, and portability make it a marvelous choice for anyone’s needs... Full review

A solid Bluetooth speaker that's perfect for taking poolside

from TechRadar
The UE Roll 2 is a surprising Bluetooth speaker. It boasts a 50-foot wireless range, exceptional clarity around the mids and highs and won't malfunction after a little splash. It's far from perfect but, if you need a waterproof speaker, the Roll 2 is the compact pool companion you've been waiting for... Full review
Phone Scoop

A worthy summertime soulmate

from Phone Scoop
The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 looks good, sounds decent, and delivers some fun all at the same time. I genuinely like the sturdy build quality, and the rugged, waterproof prowess. It is a perfect backyard companion, ideal for camping, trips to the beach, paddling, and other outdoorsy adventures. Sound quality is reasonably good for this class of speaker, and certainly competitive within the price ranges... Full review
PC Magazine

Smartly designed waterproof speaker

from PC Magazine
The Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 is a good-sounding Bluetooth speaker as long as you don't push its volume to maximum, and its clever, rugged design makes it easy to take and hang up almost anywhere. $100 is a bit pricey for the amount of power you get, though... Full review
Android Community

A small speaker that packs a big punch

from Android Community
This speaker isn't one that everyone will see value in, especially given its $100 price tag. That said, if you are an outdoorsy person, someone who spends time kayaking, fishing, swimming, camping or anything else like that, this speaker is what you want. Being light and portable you can carry it around with ease, and the up to 9 hours of playback time is great to keep the music flowing... Full review

The colourful gadget offers a lot for a decent price, but then so did its predecessor

from Mirror
Is the UE Roll 2 a great Bluetooth speaker? Absolutely. Is it worth going out and buying right now? Depends. If you've already got a decent Bluetooth speaker (like the original UE Roll) then there's not enough here to justify upgrading. Yes it's louder and sturdier with a free flotation device - but that's not enough. It's a sign of how well UE makes its speakers that if you've already got an earlier model you don't need this one. On the other hand, if you need (or just really want) to upgrade - this should be near top of the list... Full review

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker plays louder, has better range

from Cnet
Overall, while this may not seem like much of an upgrade over the original, the UE Roll 2 is a better speaker and clearly one of the top mini Bluetooth speakers on the market... Full review
What Hi-Fi

The Roll 2 features everything that made the original such a favourite and more

from What Hi-Fi
The UE Roll 2 shows just how much it got right the first time round, with so many features hiding in that tiny design. Keeping its distinctive look unchanged was a good move, while the improvements in sound and the drop in price make it even better value than before. If you’re after a compact, portable speaker that sounds great and is genuinely fun to use, we can’t recommend the Roll 2 highly enough... Full review

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