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Brand Withings

Reviews (6/10 Avg. rating)

Android Guys

A timepiece that features an analog watch with smart, fitness tracking capabilities

from Android Guys
A good, if not nearly great activity tracker, the only thing we could ask for is better GPS or distance tracking. The Steel HR is comfortable to wear and offers up a battery life that's unheard of in most wearables... Full review

Nokia has its finger on the pulse

from Pocket-lint
The Withings Nokia Activité Steel HR is a beautifully designed device that does a great job of delivering style and smarts in a one package. It offers a classic design with premium materials and it's certainly an activity tracker that steps away from the standard glorified rubber band look of many competitors... Full review
Android Authority

The best fitness tracking analog watch you can buy

from Android Authority
Withings really hit the nail on the head with the Steel HR. It's accurate, affordable, comfortable enough to wear all day, and downright gorgeous. It doesn't offer GPS tracking though, and the digital display can be pretty hard to read outdoors. If you can get past those few caveats, you should absolutely check out the Withings Steel HR... Full review
Tom's Guide

Best-looking fitness tracker yet

from Tom's Guide
The elegant Withings Steel HR is an analog watch hiding a great fitness tracker... Full review
Chip Chick

Lightweight and comfortable

from Chip Chick
Whether or not the Steel HR is worth $180 ($200 for the 40 mm size) depends on why you want to invest in a wearable. Running enthusiasts should look elsewhere — GPS for route tracking and pace and split measurements have become must-have features. But, those running watches end up bulkier for the additional features, making them more uncomfortable for everyday use... Full review
Tech Advisor

Heart rate sensing activity tracker gets notification support

from Tech Advisor
If you’re not fussed about a full on touchscreen smartwatch, the Withings Steel HR is stylish, well-made and offers excellent batter life. We’re glad to see the addition of the heart rate monitor and the screen for smart features, even if they are basic. A great semi-smartwatch for the price... Full review
PC Magazine

Combines an analog face with a digital display and a heart rate monitor

from PC Magazine
Attractive and with a great balance of features, the Withings Steel HR wins on style. But if you're a stickler for accuracy, the built-in heart rate monitor will be a major disappointment, as will the inability to correct your sleep and wake times. This watch isn't great for serious activity tracking either, but it's capable at capturing basic workout data, as well as automatically detecting walks, runs, and swims. As long as you have appropriate expectations about what it can and can't do, it's a lovely timepiece and a decent fitness tracker... Full review

Your everyday watch with heart rate

from Cnet
The Withings Steel HR comes as close as we've ever seen to an everyday watch with full heart rate fitness tracking, but it's not quite as good as it looks... Full review
Ars Technica

Classy on the outside, inconsistent on the inside

from Ars Technica
Nearly everything about the Withings Steel HR makes me want to buy it. I'm impressed with its subtle and slim design, even more so than I was with Misfit's Phase, and the small OLED display delivers clear, concise smartphone notifications. The Steel tracks activity well, and its mobile app is a pleasure to use. The long battery life means I can keep it on 24/7 for days on end (except when showering—just because you can dunk something in water doesn't mean you should)... Full review

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