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Brand JBL

Reviews (6.7/10 Avg. rating)


Problematic sound and so-so noise cancellation

from TrustedReviews
The JBL Reflect Aware are sports-ready, but both their sound quality and active noise cancellation are, at best, passable given the price... Full review
What Hi-Fi

A talented and versatile pair of in-ear headphones, let down by a lack of refinement

from What Hi-Fi
At £170, these aren’t a cheap pair of headphones, but they do offer plenty of bang for your buck. Sporty types will find these particularly appealing thanks to the secure fit and water resistance, and though the on-board noise cancelling isn’t outstanding, it does enough to put it on par with other in-ears we’ve heard. Most of all though, these in-ears deliver in the sound department. We like their lively, insightful sound and though that treble can be a touch troublesome on occasion, it’s made up for by their clarity, control and insight elsewhere... Full review

Earphones engineered for sports enthusiasts

from VR-Zone

The JBL Reflect Aware does Lightning-Port earphones well and gives it a good name, pushing the limits and audio boundaries that some equally premium 3.5mm earphones can’t seem to reproduce. They are without a doubt very costly, but I would say that the sound quality of these earphones are nearly unrivaled in the marketplace for wired earphones. Nonetheless, whether it’s worth the money or not is a question that still lies in the gray area and only you can decide that for yourself. If you are an audiophile that craves true noise-cancelling devices and you are a workout enthusiast... Full review

Chip Chick

Sounds fantastic and easy to use

from Chip Chick
For a low-maintenance pair of everyday headphones that sound incredible, don’t fall out, and can withstand extreme exercise, the JBL Reflect Aware are pretty fantastic. Unlike bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to remember to charge these and/or pair them. You plug them in and they work. The noise cancellation is a great feature that makes the sound quality even better. While we didn’t use ambient aware much, it’s still an interesting feature that you might have a good use-case for... Full review

Amazing Lightning connector headphones

from Techaeris
Excellent sounding Lightning headphones with amazing EQ versatility, noise cancellation and sound. If you can part with this much cash these are a sure bet for iPhone users. One other note, I did not see any noticeable battery drain while using the headphones... Full review

Groundbreaking headphones, but not for their sound

from TechRadar
The JBL Reflect Aware headphones show a great deal of promise with their simple but effective battery-free noise cancellation, and their sound is fine as a workout accompaniment; beyond that, however, your mileage may vary... Full review

A Lightning headphone that's ready for your new iPhone 7

from Cnet
There's a lot to like about the JBL Reflect, particularly the fit, but some performance drawbacks hurt its value... Full review

Lightning earphones for sporty iPhone 7 users

from Pocket-lint
As an overall package, the JBL Reflect Aware offer a great option for iPhone users who need good in-ear headphones that stay in during long runs or workout sessions... Full review
PC Magazine

Average noise cancellation, ambient mics

from PC Magazine
The exercise-focused JBL Reflect Aware earphones sport a Lightning connection for Apple devices and deliver solid, customizable audio performance with merely average noise cancellation... Full review
Expert Reviews

Great-sounding Lightning headphones for iPhone-toting exercise fans

from Expert Reviews
In all, the JBL Reflect Aware is a good showcase for Lighting-connected headphones. It does things that normal 3.5mm cans simply can’t, and although £170 is quite a bit of money for a pair of sports headphones, the combination of excellent sound quality, effective and adjustable active noise cancellation, and sports-specific resilience, is unrivalled... Full review

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