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7.6/10 AVG.

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Brand Fitbit
Model FB503GYBK-EU
Warranty 12 months
Release date 1-October-2017

Reviews (7.6/10 Avg. rating)


Good fitness tracker, passable smartwatch

from Engadget
The Ionic is a respectable debut for Fitbit's first serious attempt at a true smartwatch, and the company continues to excel at fitness-tracking features. But while its new operating system is intuitive and well-designed, overall the device still feels like a placeholder... Full review

Bridging the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch

from Pocket-lint
The Fitbit Ionic not only brings a solid, lightweight design with a beautiful screen, it also adds built-in GPS and dedicated swim functionality that the earlier Blaze was lacking... Full review
Mobile Syrup

More than a fitness tracker, not yet a smartwatch

from Mobile Syrup
Without a doubt, Ionic is a better fitness tracker than Charge 2, currently Fitbit's most popular fitness tracker, but in its current iteration, it’s not a $200 better tracker, even with the addition of standalone GPS, Fitbit Pay and dedicated music storage... Full review
The Inquirer

Fitbit Ionic review

from The Inquirer
If you're looking for a wearable to track your health though, the Ionic is a great addition to any workout. Saying that, the Apple Watch starts at only £329, so for £30 more you're going to get a much slicker bit of kit. That's if you're an iPhone owner, however. If not, the Ionic is a pretty decent alternative if you're a gym addict... Full review

A good try, but not quite iconic

from TechRadar
The first ever smartwatch from Fitbit is a fitness watch at its heart. If you’re looking for some wristwear to use while exercising the Fitbit Ionic may suit you, just don’t expect a similar experience to other smartwatches out there... Full review

A better Fitbit watch, but still not a great smartwatch

from Cnet
The Fitbit Ionic has all the features we’ve been wanting in a Fitbit for years, but it ultimately feels less than the sum of its parts... Full review
Canadian Reviewer

Leapfrogs its predecessor in many ways

from Canadian Reviewer
Fitbit is headed in the right direction with the Ionic. It focused on features that matter most to users. I don’t see any influence or features that resulted from the Pebble acquisition, it will be interesting to see if Fitbit OS and the Ionic will receive other apps and features beyond what you get out of the box. Right now, Fitbit Ionic presents the best hybrid between an advanced fitness tracker and a smartwatch geared for active people... Full review

A few early bugs stand in the way of fitness perfection

from WPCentral
If you're a diehard Fitbit and fitness user and don't mind some initial quirks and frustrations the Ionic is worth an upgrade. Even compared to last year's Blaze the Ionic fits better, is more comfortable, looks nicer, has more features, higher battery life, and it has that dazzling display... Full review

Great battery life, beautiful design

from Alphr
The Ionic is Fitbit’s strongest smartwatch yet, despite a few annoyances such as the inability to view past workouts on the watch itself and its rather basic handling of notifications. Whether it can sway potential customers away from the latest Apple Watch Series 3 is another question entirely... Full review
Digital Trends

If you're not a fitness nut yet, Fitbit's Ionic might turn you into one

from Digital Trends
Fitness fanatics should absolutely buy Fitbit’s Ionic. Featuring an impressive suite of fitness tracking capabilities — such as auto-tracking of runs, swim tracking via its waterproof design, custom workouts, and multi-sport compatibility — there’s no better way to stay connected to your fitness profile... Full review

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