Specs summary


The Kindle Oasis's screen is 6 inches with 1072 x 1448 pixels resolution.


There is a Freescale Dual core 1 GHz processor (CPU).


The tablet runs on the Other operating system (OS).

This model has no built-in camera. Sorry, no selfies.
4 GB

Internal memory is 4 GB. No external card slot is available for expansion.


The tablet is powered by a Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol), 250 mAh battery. Amazon's performance ratings are 60 days standby time, 1800 hours reading.

Sure it’s expensive, but the Amazon Kindle Oasis is second to none – it’s the best e-reader ever.

- Jonathan Bray , Alphr 

Top-end e-reader is a cut above the rest, rethinking the Kindle design and experience, cutting 20% weight and costing a pretty penny in the process.

- Samuel Gibbs , The Guardian 

Reviews summary

Based on 29 reviews

What's good  

  • Lightweight and thin
  • Uniform lighting
  • Accelerometer to adjust screen orientation

What's bad  

  • Without case only 2 weeks of battery life
  • Expensive
  • No waterproofing

Amazon has successfully cornered the eReader market and each new Kindle release is better than the last. The Kindle Oasis is no exception. It is thinner than its predecessor measure in at 0.14 inches and weighs a mere 4.6 ounces, lighter than a standard paperback. Reviewers were surprised by its sturdiness despite its light weight and thinness. There were no creaks or any flex thanks to the electroplated metal alloy over the plastic case.

Besides making it lighter and thinner, Amazon also updated the design slightly. Rather than having the same thickness throughout, one edge of the Oasis is thicker than the center. This slight change provided reviewers with a better grip, though it only works when there is no cover.

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The Oasis sports a 6-inch screen with a pixel density of 300dpi all covered with a micro-etched glass for glare reduction. While these specs might be the same as the Voyage, the Oasis has 60 percent more LED lights. Although not a huge amount, experts did notice a significant improvement in lightning uniformity.

Because Amazon wanted to keep this device thin, they also needed to reduce the size of the battery. Luckily, even with heavy reading critics were able to get more than 2 weeks of battery life on a single charge. For those worried about running out of batteries while traveling, the Oasis has another trick up its sleeve - the included cover. This cover is an additional battery that increases battery life from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Although an innovative idea, the case adds additional weight and bulk to the device, negating both the asymmetric design and work put into slimming it down.

One of the biggest letdowns is lack of waterproofing. And as the Oasis is the most expensive Kindle upon release, many potential customers might balk at the price and lack of this important feature. It is, however, only the second in Amazon’s lineup to include an accelerometer so users can read either way. Unfortunately there is no option to turn this off.

Reviewers have a hard time recommending the Oasis, especially to those who already have a Paperwhite or other eReader. The price as well as the limited features make this a hard sell. Most consider it a device for a niche audience. With that said, The Verge states, “...it’s an object of desire instead of a utilitarian reading device…” Wired adds, “I’m here to tell you that if the price doesn’t raise your eyebrows, and you want the latest and greatest, the Kindle Oasis is the best damn ebook reader I’ve ever used.”

Reviews (8.7/10 Avg. rating)


The best e-reader by far

from PCWorld
With similar performance to other e-readers that cost much less, we can’t recommend Amazon’s Kindle Oasis to everyone. But for voracious readers with a taste for luxury, this e-reader’s light weight, excellent ergonomics, and even backlighting are worth the premium... Full review
512 pixels

Really nice, but you probably shouldn’t buy one unless you’re a hardcore ebook fan

from 512 pixels
The Oasis is the nicest, most polished Kindle Amazon has ever produced. If you are a heavy Kindle user, it’s worth a look, but if you are a casual reader or user, the Voyage or even Paperwhite are the ones to look at. As nice as it is, the Oasis’ price tag is pretty hard to justify, unless you review them on your blog... Full review
Mobile Choice

The ultimate e-reader

from Mobile Choice
Because of the shape and size of the actual reader, as well as the weight, it is a very easy and comfortable hold. If you are a caviar over fish and chips kind of person, then this Kindle is for you. For the price, waterproofing would have been good and that's why I have docked half a star off, but otherwise, it is the perfect e-reader... Full review
Tools & Toys

Incredibly light in the hand, and easy to hold

from Tools & Toys
In a world where I am constantly monitoring my phone’s battery, settings, and apps, the Kindle Oasis just is. Every time I pick up the Kindle, I know exactly what I’m getting—a chance to read, and nothing more... Full review

Bookworms will love what it offers

from TechnoBuffalo
I love the Kindle Oasis, and again, it’s something I plan to buy as soon as there’s room in the budget. It’s not cheap, of course, but bookworms will love what it offers, especially by the pool and on the beach this summer. Sadly, there’s already a 2-3-month waiting time on Amazon, so keep that in mind. Go figure – it’s the best eReader I’ve ever used, and easily worthy of that demand. Kudos, Amazon... Full review
Sunday Express

Best e-reader money can buy

from Sunday Express
The lightweight wedge design is effortlessly stylish, and offers a comfortable one-handed reading experience – no matter what weighty novel you’re currently wading your way through. Kindle Oasis ships with a luxurious, battery-boosting leather cover that snaps into place with magnets and ensures your pricey e-reader is always charged and protected in your bag... Full review
Good E-Reader

Very unique e-reader

from Good E-Reader
The Kindle Oasis e-reader is the most expensive six inch device Amazon has ever released and retails for $359 with the case or $289 with Special Offers. It certainly is not pocketbook friendly, but if you need the latest and greatest it does offer new features never seen before on an e-ink reader developed by Amazon... Full review
Ars Technica

Beautiful, functional, impractical

from Ars Technica

The Oasis still has some of the same headaches that the cheaper models have. The e-ink touchscreen isn't as responsive as a modern smartphone or tablet, the hardware can be slow, and sometimes your taps don't register. Slow hardware is a problem if you're a heavy highlighter, an activity which is quick and painless on a phone (you can color code your highlights, even) but takes as least a few seconds on the Kindle. Like all modern Kindles, the Oasis lacks the ability to play audiobooks, and its screen is poor for viewing detailed PDFs or color images. If you buy one, you should do it with f... Full review


Best ebook reader but expensive

from Wired
I’m here to tell you that if the price doesn’t raise your eyebrows, and you want the latest and greatest, the Kindle Oasis is the best damn ebook reader I’ve ever used. And that’ll almost certainly be true until Amazon comes out with the next one... Full review
The Verge

The Kindle you want, but not the one you buy

from The Verge
Could the Oasis be seen as yet another Kindle in the long line of Kindles before it? Sure. But at this price, it’s something more: it’s an object of desire instead of a utilitarian reading device. This is the thing that gets you into the Amazon showroom, even if you end up buying the cheaper model (you should almost surely buy the cheaper model). Even so, I know at least a few Kindle users who have been saving up for a device that feels this good — and the Oasis could finally get them to hit Add to Cart... Full review

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